Minutes of September 18, 2007 Meeting

J Abraham, K. Au, M. Belasco, A. Butman, N. Gonzaga, P. Johnson, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire and R. Sandler.

1. Systems Update

In August, all public pcs that were designated to use authenticating software were imaged. There is a 90- minute time out on these machines. Students need to remember to logoff when they are done. For the Spring image Systems will add a logoff icon to the screens of these machines.

Systems received and has shipped out staff replacement pcs. 35 machines were allocated to Alex, 15 to TAS, 13 to Camden, 13 to Newark, 7 to ILS, 4 to Central Admin and 3 to Special Collections. These are HP 770's with a dual core processor, 2G of RAM and 80G hard drives.

Iliad is now working in all units.

2. Office 2007 Training

Six training sessions were done in August by Anne B and covered the basic differences and capabilities of the new version. There are more training sessions to come.

3. Old/New Business

Nick announced that the hardware has arrived for the switch to Windows networking from Novell. The migration will take six months to perform. The new servers will be installed in all units in September and October. In November and December, Nick will enter user names and logins - which will usually be the same as the existing Novell ones - and will assign and copy S: and T: drives. Nick will be asking for the assistance of PC Coordinators and UCS' to encourage users to weed through their S: and T: folders so that older and dated material is not transferred. In January and February Novell will be removed and new passwords will be created by users. There will also be a new tape backup system for New Brunswick Libraries so that those local units will no longer need to swap tapes. Camden and Newark will still need to do so however.

Anne B. is going to work with Anne M. to begin looking into the feasibility of pursuing new public machines.

Anne B. questioned whether we are using the full capabilities of our IKON networked copiers which can scan, 2 two sided printing and collate. While there is some need for redundancy, we discussed whether we should be buying fewer laser printers. We agreed to ask Daryl to provide additional training on the capabilities of our networked copiers.

4. Local Updates

John reported that the Camden reference area has been redesigned with newer furniture and a more open arrangement of public pcs. In addition, those seven-year-old ELF machines have been replaced with three- year-old machines passed on by Computing Services. Furthermore, the machines from the old OIT lab in the lobby have been moved and incorporated with the OIT machines near the reference area in the library.

Au noted that swipe cards are coming to the OIT labs in Newark.

Kevin reported that the additional machines have been installed in the alcove at Kilmer.

Rich reported that he has been working with Pam and Nick to install a videoconferencing device in LSM. He also said that the interactive virtual reference desk videoconferencing project is moving ahead.

Joe replaced the wiring on the videoconferencing carts in Alex. He also related how outsiders are lurking around the authenticating public pcs in Alex, trying to piggyback on student logins.

Mary noted that the old ILL Manager System is not quite dead because some files still have to be transferred before it can be removed from all machines.

5. Future Meeting Dates

Fall meetings are scheduled for October 16, November 20 and December 18.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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