Minutes of November 20, 2007 Meeting

J. Abraham, S. Bartz, A. Butman, B. Golon, N. Gonzaga, K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk, A. Ruggiero, R Sandler, C. Singh and D. Voorhees.

1. Systems Update

Shevon's replacement will start in January

Scanners will need to be reprogrammed with the new client.

The image for the new Kilmer, LSM and Newark e-Class will be done in the next two weeks.

2. Office 2007 Training

The training session scheduled for Admin was cancelled. Additional sessions will be scheduled for Central Admin, NBL Admin. and NBL reference teams. Dates will be coordinated with Marilyn Wilt.

3. Old/New Business

Bob Golon is leaving RUL and PCWG and we all wish him well.

Rich discussed the progress with the LSM Kodak videoconference unit and with the video reference project. The relative merits of Polycom and Tandberg were discussed.

Nick is keeping the new servers for the Windows Network migration at TAS for the time being because it is easier for him to work on them there. They will be deployed in the units in January, and the live rollout is still set for February.

4. Local Updates

Daryle reported that there have been no takers on printer/copier training.

Anne announced that TAS is getting RU Wireless and that almost all the equipment for the Fordham Lab has arrived.

Chris announced that Newark is expanding their wireless access on the fourth floor of the library.

Joe related the problems he has experienced with the Polycom unit at Alex.

5. Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled on December 18 at 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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