Minutes of February 19, 2008 Meeting

J. Abraham, S. Bartz, M. Belasco, A. Butman, N. Gonzaga, P. Johnson, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire and R. Sandler.

1. Systems Update

Chris Franceschini is no longer with Systems. Systems are pursuing interested candidates and hope to have the line filled by early March.

Most LSM DTS swaps have been completed. Systems will begin second tier swaps at Kilmer later this week or early next.

Grace is looking into the possibility of earmarking some end of year funding for public workstation replacements. Along these lines, Anne Butman is looking into the advantages of “flex-computing” for our public areas. This could be a more cost effective alternative to our current scenario.

2. Network Migration

Nick said the servers are ready and that he just has some minor issues such as the welcome screen to still work out. The original plan for the unit-by-unit migration was scheduled to begin next week and last six weeks, but after a thorough discussion in PCWG that was changed. Now, the migration will take place over Spring Break. All the New Brunswick libraries will be transitioned from March 17th through the 21st. Newark, Camden and TSB will be completed on the Thursday and Friday before the break. In this way, the interruption and distraction of the migration will be minimized, and all units will be on equal footing.

POSTSCRIPT: Upon meeting with the consultant after PCWG, plans reverted to the original 6-week schedule with some modifications that Nick outlined in an email to RUL_Everyone.

3. Old/New Business

Joe said that there have been encryption and password issues on teleconferences from ALEX to Camden recently, although our general practice has been to not enable those features. Their use has been optional, but not standard. Rich will draft documentation in using the PolyCom and Tandberg machines for the next meeting so the group can clear up this issue.

Joe also detailed what he found out regarding who is responsible for RefWorks support. The first level of support is the reference desk at the unit library. If the reference librarian cannot solve the user’s problem, he or she should direct the user to one of three places. 1) For Net ID issues, users should contact OIRT. 2) For proxy issues and problems with record imports, users should contact Dave Hoover in Systems. 3) For all other unresolvable problems, users should email support@refworks.com . Their helpdesk promises to respond within two hours to all queries. John will forward this information to Public Services for their consideration.

John Gibson and Gary Golden are looking into alternatives for document sharing between the three campus’. One of the options they are testing is the use of Netops Instruct—yes, the instructor module for our very own Netops School product.

Rich noted that the LSM teleconference unit will start in March. ALEX may be adding another location. He also discussed the progress with the video reference project and the potential value of a dual projector system that allows for the transmission of documents as well as talking heads.

Kevin reported that the updated Netops software in the electronic classrooms has been more unstable and less dependable with screens freezing. Anne Butman will contact the vendor to discuss this issue and find a resolution.

4. Future Meeting Dates

The next meetings are scheduled on March 18 and April 15 at 10AM in the TSB Conference Room. However, since the 18th falls during the network migration period, we will not meet. If needed, we will meet on March 11. If not, April 15th is the next meeting.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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