Minutes of May 20, 2008 Meeting

A. Butman, N. Gonzaga, K. McGuire, P. Johnson, S. Bartz, J. Abraham, A. Ruggiero, D. Voorhees, K. Kuehl

1. Systems Update

Round Robin

P. Johnson reported that the LSM e-class has 2 machines that are currently not working. One has a faulty power button and the other gives a fan error. Also the projector is not working. Systems will contact R. Sandler about the projector and once they have serial numbers from Pam for the classroom they will work on the hardware issues.

A. Ruggiero reported that the server in Fordham is not affected by nightly power shut downs and that the network connection had been lost. Systems will resolve this issue asap.

A. Ruggiero reported that many people are receiving documents created in Office '07 in xml format and the Access Services desks, among others, were not upgraded. The question was raised whether or not a plug-in should be installed on those machines or they should be upgraded to MS Office '07. A. Butman explained that at R. Smith's request those desks were not upgraded when the other upgrades were done because of the impact the upgrade might have at a particularly busy time for AS. A. Butman stated that, given that this is a slow time for AS the software should now be upgraded rather than a plug-in being

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