Minutes of October 21, 2008 Meeting

J. Abraham, S. Bartz, A. Bijur, N. Gonzaga, K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire, A. Ruggiero, R. Sandler, C. Singh and D. Voorhees

1. Systems Update

The purchase order has been cut for PC Reservation. The installation of this software is to be scheduled in November. Each unit receiving the software needs to establish policies to govern its use.

Nick reported that the final data migration to Windows in the network migration project should occur in November when staff PCs are moved to private address space.

2. Goals

We discussed the implementation of the three PCWG goals for 2008-09. We will discuss Goal I regarding the charge, mission, organization and role of PCWG next month. Goal II concerned the automatic backup of staff PCs and the clean up of server common drives. Nick outlined two options for automatic back up: 1) use Windows to automatically back up the Documents and Settings data in a compressed manner to the S: drive and 2) have C: drives map to the S: drive so that My Documentsí files on staff PCs are automatically saved to the common drive. The consensus was to opt for option 1. In December, we will discuss what policies regarding file clean up need to be adopted in order to implement the automatic back up procedure. Goal III regarding a closer working relationship with the training committee will be discussed in January.

3. Old/New Business

Rich reported that Lifesize has been ordered as a mobile unit for Alex. A Tandberg unit for the Pane Room has been put out for bid. Nick advocated standardizing teleconferencing units.

Kevin reported that students in the Kilmer Alcove keep slipping into alternate keyboard alphabets since the Chinese/Korean/Japanese etc. option was added to the image. He advocated either deactivating that from the image next time or deactivating the Alt-Shift option that throws the keyboard into alternate characters.

Joe brought up enabling public machines to print to OIT printers and mentioned the possibility of a pop-up program for RU login upon sending the print command. We will discuss this further next month.

4. Local Updates

Andrew reported that Chang is experiencing problems with underage kids coming in the library to use the computers. The group emphasized that if staff are squeamish about confronting these kids, they can either call the Truant Office during school hours or the RU Police Department any time.

5. Future Meeting Date

The next meetings are scheduled for November 18 and December 16 at 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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