Minutes of December 16, 2009 Meeting

Joseph Abraham(Recorder), Ka Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, John Gibson, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, Pam Johnson, Ken Kuehl, John Maxymuk(Chair), Andrew Ruggiero, Rich Sandler, Chris Singh, Darryl Voorhees
Kevin McGuire
Steve Dalina

I. Systems Update

A. OIT Printing

i. Grace Agnew supports us exploring this topic further

ii. Anne Butman and Darryl Voorhees will work together to write a proposal and approach OIT

a. Proposal will include usage statistic complied by Imaging Services

iii. Anne would like to have proposal ready before the winter break

B. Public PC Imaging

i. Office 2007 (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint only) will be installed on all Windows XP public PCs for the spring image

ii. It was requested that the Windows 2000 public PCs also have some sort of Office productivity software and Systems has agreed to install Office 2000 on the Windows 2000 public PCs

iii. Systems will install Office on all public PCs unless told otherwise

a. The deadline to request that PCs be excluded from the Office installs has been extended to Wednesday, December 17, the day after this meeting

C. ProCite will be unavailable until tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17. Predominant users of this software have already been notified.

D. Adobe upgrades will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17, and be complete by Wednesday, December 24.

E. PC Reservation

i. Systems still doesn't have an install date from the vendor

ii. Anne will email the PCWG list when she receives word on an install date

iii. Grace Agnew and Valeda Dent are aware of the delay

F. The annex will be back online for scanning as repair parts have recently arrived

G. Systems upcoming tasks in priority order:

i. PC Reservation

ii. Reimaging

iii. Windows migration and Private IP space

a. IPs will still be static

b. Nick Gonzaga will send more information and migrations dates later

II. PC Working Group Charge

A. The group worked off of the draft charge which was graciously prepared by Anne Butman and Stephanie Bartz

B. John Gibson's status as a member of PCWG was affirmed based on the criteria listed in the charge

C. It was clarified that PC Coordinator is a part of one's job responsibilities while a Unit Computing Specialist (UCS) is a fully separate position which includes, among other responsibilities, the role of PC Coordinator

D. It was affirmed that the term of the chairperson will be two years

E. Question arose regarding the need for this group to generate an annual report. It was decided that this is something we would like to do and the document is to be produced by the chair.

F. There was a lengthy discussion regarding videoconference equipment and whether or not it should be listed separately as supported equipment under the first listed function. A vote was taken and it was decided that videoconferencing equipment does not warrant specific mention and is implied in the term "hardware and peripheral."

G. Revision made to draft charge to change "reports problems to the Systems Department as needed" to "reports problems to the local UCS or Systems Department as needed" in the first listed responsibility of a PC Coordinator.

H. John Maxymuk will present the revised charge to Grace Agnew for review

III. Old/New Business

A. Pane Room Videoconference Installation

i. Due to the economic crisis there was an unprecedented twelve vendors interested in bidding on this project. The RU purchasing department followed state and university regulations to the letter resulting in delays in the process but also a lower cost to RUL

ii. Equipment will be installed and operational on February 15 (possibly earlier)

B. New Alexander Mobile Videoconference Unit

i. Concerns were raised regarding the fact that this unit cannot host multisite calls

a. Rich explained that the cost savings were around five and six thousand dollars, which would have almost doubled the price ($4659.00 vs. $10,740)

b. This unit is meant to be a participant in meetings, not the host

c. Main complaints are for events stemming from Pane Room. Group was reminded that the permanent installation in the Pane Room will be able to host multisite conferences and that we will only have to deal with the mobile unit in the Pane Room until February 15th.

C. There will be network downtime on December 26 through December 28 due to Busch Campus power maintenance. Email will be sent by Systems with further details.

IV. Local Updates

A. Windows server in Alexander was moved from the second floor to an unoccupied office in the Alexander Administration office. This was due to a broken water pipe.

i. Equipment can stay in the unoccupied office through January, at which point Systems needs to speak to Stephanie Bartz about a possible new location

B. The "Laptop Workstations" in Alexander are seeing increased usage, with the welcome effect of reducing power cord trip lines throughout the hallways

C. Staff PC for the incoming chemistry librarian has been set up

D. As a result of misplaced computer equipment Charlene Houser has requested a set policy for the way computer equipment is shipped from Alexander Library

i. Shipping labels must have the name of a specific person, not simply a department

ii. All computer equipment is to be marked "hand carry" and be brought to shipping directly, not left at mail stations for pickup

iii. Email sent to recipient so they know to expect the shipment

E. Fordham lab is currently interviewing students for lab assistant positions in order to keep more consistent hours

F. Douglass is moving forward with a remote reference program

i. Tom Izbicki, in Alexander, will be answering music reference questions asked at a terminal in Douglass

G. Imaging Services had a paper supply switch with OIT and will be putting RUL markings on their supply boxes

V. Next stated monthly meeting is on Tuesday, January 20th

A. Ka Neng Au will be the recorder for this meeting

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