Minutes of March 17, 2009 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco (recorder), Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, John Gibson, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, John Maxymuk (chair), Kevin McGuire, Andrew Ruggiero, Darryl Voorhees.
Pamela Johnson
Ka-Neng Au, Steve Dalina, Ken Kuehl, Rich Sandler, Chris Singh

1. Systems Update

Re-imaging of public PCs will be done by the end of this week.

Office 2007 has been put on all public PCs with XP, Office 2000 on all others unless exception arranged.

Public address space no longer used will be given back in May.

2. Goal II - (File cleanup/automatic backup) discussion continued

Reviewed amount of space needed for backups based on Nick's compiled list of space needed by each unit, based upon profile size of each user submitted by PC coordinators. Estimate of 1.5 TB but more may be needed. Joe suggested clearing cache before backup. We still do not want user to take action. May be automated to delete cache prior to backup. Backups will go from workstations to a designated backup drive on the server. Workstations need to be on for the client automated back up to work. Time of transfer rate needs to be taken into consideration for schedule. Nick suggested 2 full backups and 3 incremental backups per week. The automated tape library at TSB is backing up successfully five remote servers in the NB area. The size of backups will mean needing additional hard drives for the servers. Next action: Nick will draft an outline of what size is needed at each location and the cost of upgrading the servers.

3. Old/New Business

Stephanie asked if the Novel login request form has been replaced. Nick responded it is still able to be used until it gets revised. On related topic, Novell clients may be removed by PC coordinators if necessary, eventually they will all get removed. Nick reminded that the Novell servers would be shut down by end of day Wed, 3/18.

C Client should be removed from staff PCs.

Booking fixed.

Anne reports PC Reservation on all public machines done except classrooms, where not needed.

Kevin brought up that LPT1 Client print release software needs to have user ID message changed. Anne said it will be done.

Nick has arranged for his instructions on how to browse other severs as well as his directions for mapping to be added to PCWG best practices.

4. Local Updates

John Gibson - a video conferencing upgrade is in planning stage at Camden. He will update PCWG on final decision.

Joe Abraham - LifeSize participant model working well at Alex. Intermediate email training happened. Twice. Favorite topics were LDAP directory connection and RULINK integrated calendaring in Thunderbird. There was low attendance however.

Anne and Kevin had attended a meeting on carpet replacement to take place at Alex and Kilmer, which is scheduled for 5/18-Aug 1. Will require moving of PCs and result in limited Public PC access.

Joe mentioned the number of guest users on public PCs at Alex has grown now that sessions are shorter with PC Reservation.

5: Next meeting

Tuesday 4/21/09 at 10:00am recorder will be Au or Butman

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