Minutes of June 16, 2009 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Ashwin Bijur, John Gibson, Rich Sandler, Nick Gonzaga (recorder), James Hartstein, Pamela Johnson, John Maxymuk (chair), Kevin McGuire
Andrew Ruggiero, Anne Butman, Darryl Voorhees
Ka-Neng Au, Steve Dalina, Ken Kuehl

1. Systems Update

Ashwin reminded us about the carpet installation. Carpet removal may start either on the week of June 20 or July 7. Joe asked if the PCs will be moved to the Undergrad room so users can use them. Ports may need to be checked for network access. We will wait for Anne for any update.

2. Automatic Backup Proposal

John informed the group of the presentation of the Automatic Backup Proposal to the cabinet. John, Nick and Anne attended the presentation.

Nick mentioned that the final proposal was revised by Grace and him. Due to the budget crisis, the final recommendation was to implement a pilot-project starting at Alexander Library and will continue to other buildings as funds are made available in the upcoming fiscal year.

Nick reported that the presentation went well. There were few questions but it was approved by the cabinet.

3. New Calendar

John continued that they also presented the Calendar survey for information purposes. He said that Anne gave a report to the cabinet on the status of the RULink and its impending end of support and mentioned some other calendar programs and options.

4. Old/New Business

RULink email:

Joe mentioned that RULink contract support was discontinued and he thought it would be wise to migrate all RULink mail users back to RCI. He asked the group if they know other staffs that are using RULink email as their primary email and that there may be a problem migrating their email when RULink service is discontinued. OIT is no longer providing tech support on this service so email service may be lost in case of catastrophic failure. Others suggest sending an email survey to RUL_everyone on who uses RULink email and calendar.

Local printer versus network printer

Joe also brought up the local printer issue whether to continue using individual printer versus the network printer. There is no definite answer yet from the task force.

Virtual Reference Project

Rich gave an update regarding the Distance Reference project. He will provide more details and add a report next meeting. This project will be using webcams and will most likely use Vsee program to do live face to face conference. He also mentioned that he is working with Mark Forster of LSM library to enable the playing of pre-recorded messages from the PC through public address system.

Wimba or Elluminate

Joe reported that he and some volunteers had tested Wimba and Elluminate for possible videoconferencing alternatives. He asked the volunteers for feedback and which program was preferred. Majority of the testers voiced out that Wimba was more user-friendly and better than Elluminate.

5. Next meeting: TBD

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