Minutes of April 20, 2010 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Mary Belasco, Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, John Gibson, Pam Johnson, John Maxymuk, Kevin McGuire, Tibor Purger (guest), Rich Sandler, Darryl Voorhees
Ka-Neng Au, Steve Dalina, James Hartstein, Ken Kuehl
Nick Gonzaga, Andrew Ruggiero, Chris Singh

Systems Update

a) New public computers - Replacement public PCs have been imaged and shipped. The Mac image is not yet done. Installations have not yet been scheduled but Douglass will be done first and Alexander last. It was decided that the option to print to the graduate computing lab should not be included in the image for Alexander. Printing to the undergraduate lab is sufficient.

b) PC Reservation - Kilmer has seen a dwindling number of guest computer users and will be reducing the number of PC Reservation public PCs from four to two. Those two will be moved to another location to distinguish them from NetID PCs. Ed Smith will be visiting Kilmer to check on ports.

The guest community also seems smaller at LSM, but weekends are still busy, so the number of computers will remain the same.

Usage of guest computers should be monitored and reviewed before the next renewal of the PC Reservation licenses. We may be able to reduce the number of licenses purchased.

PC Reservation has a major version update available. Systems plans to test it in the summer.

2. Calendar Project

Members of PCWG and others have been testing Zimbra for the past month. The trial has been extended until May 3 so that the Outlook client can be tested.

Thus far two significant issues have been identified:

Tibor emphasized how critical it is to collect and share the experiences of test users, and the need to remain open to other solutions. A longer more structured test may be needed.

All feedback and comments should go to the PCWG list and/or directly to Anne Butman.

3. Laptop Lending Pilot

The charging station and the Netbooks are ready to deploy, but we don't yet have bags for the Netbooks and accessories. Policies are in place, so the pilot can go live as soon as the bags arrive. Anne will contact Sara Harrington and Jeff Teichmann about potential dates to begin the service.

4. Old/New Business

a) There were connectivity issues with videoconferencing last month, particularly at the Douglass Library. The equipment required 5 years of updates which required the purchase of a one year service contract. Connectivity is now back to normal.

b) Now that Rich has moved to Douglass, Kevin is the point person for videoconferencing at Kilmer. Rich is his backup.

c) The computers at Kilmer that are set only to access IRIS will be reconfigured as standard PC Reservation machines.

d) Worldcat now includes links for ILL, but the service is in a testing phase and doesn't always work as expected.

e) The Visual History Archive is now eligible for offsite access through the VPN. This information has been added to the Rutgers SAS VHA website and will be included in the description page that will be added to the Libraries site.

f) The electronic displays group (Francoise Puniello, Kayo Denda, Mei Ling Lo, Anne Butman, and James Hartstein) has gotten pricing for flat panels and wiring to add display monitors to the lobbies of the four main New Brunswick Libraries and the Dana Library. Francoise is working on a grant proposal to fund the project.

g) Alexander Library will be getting a self-service checkout station, but no information is available at this point on when it will be installed.

h) Anne has done some investigation of NComputing (similar to thin clients), but there are no current plans to purchase and deploy it.

i) Camden encountered a user who apparently figured out how to hack PC Reservation to avoid the time constraints. After some investigation, the user was banned. Basic session information was collected. Anne will forward it to the vendor for further investigation.

j) The self-service scanners have arrived. The next step is to install one in Imaging Services for testing. Anne will check on the port situation.

There's some question of whether the service will be free for users with NetIDs but not available to outside users, or will be set up with some other parameters. Final details are still to be determined. The scanning stations will be installed during the summer at Alexander, Art, LSM, Camden, and Dana. Additional scanning stations may be acquired in the next round of copier replacements.

k) OIT has distributed the 100 licenses it had available for Adobe Connect Pro; the Libraries retain the four that we were given. There are additional free options available (e.g., Dimdim, Adobe Connect Now).

5. Next meeting

May 18, 10:00 a.m. - Recorder; Voorhees, Abraham, Bijur…


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