Minutes of May 18, 2010 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, John Gibson, Nick Gonzaga, James Harstein, John Maxymuk, Tibor Purger, Andrew Ruggiero, Darryl Voorhees (recorder)
Steve Dalina, Ken Kuehl, Chris Singh
Ka-Neng Au, Pam Johnson, Kevin McGuire, Rich Sandler

Systems Update

A. There have been unexpected delivery delays on locks for new PCs, which are otherwise ready for installation.

B. After replacement of a broken original, a replacement self service checkout station has been delivered and will be installed during the week of 5/24.

C. Darryl Voorhees will coordinate the installation of a testing setup for the self service scanning station in the Imaging Services office during the week of 5/24.

D. Last call for software requests on fall public images are due by 7/16. The images themselves will begin on 8/16.

E. An upgrade to Illiad 8 is scheduled for mid July.

2. Calendar Project

A. Systems purchased an additional 51 accounts for testing. All of IIS, Unit Computing Specialists, and Student Coordinators comprise the core testing group. Training sessions for testers will be held on 5/26 and 6/2.

B. Testing is focusing on RUmail use in conjunction with Outlook, Zimbra Desktop, and the Zimbra Web Client. Particular focus will be on logistics of RUL support of RUmail-Outlook, as it may have desired features and is not supported by OIT.

C. Joe Abraham is in contact with OIT about some calendaring issues. Other testing issues with RUmail should be reported to Anne Butman, who will work with OIT directly.

3. Laptop Lending Pilot

A. Everything is ready to go with the pilot aside from the delivery netbook accessories.

B. Judy Gardner, Jeff Teichmann, and Sara Harrington will be notified about exact deployment dates when these accessories arrive.

4. Old/New Business

A. Automated Backup:

B. Unit Computing Specialists will form a testing subgroup, coordinated by Nick Gonzaga. This group will propose recommended policies and procedures on file quota before installation of automated backup software is installed on staff PCs system wide.

C. Teleconferencing Discussion:

Future Meeting Dates: June 15th 2010

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_10-05-18.shtml
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