Minutes of July 20, 2010 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Ka-Neng Au (recorder), Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, Pam Johnson, Ken Kuehl, Andrew Ruggiero, Rich Sandler, Chris Singh, Darryl Voorhees.
John Gibson, Kevin McGuire, John Maxymuk

Reports and Follow-up:

1. IIS Updates (Anne Butman)

a. Laptop Lending Pilot Project: documentation is being finalized and will be posted to the RUL Website. Each laptop will be barcoded and numbered. Publicity will be prepared with the help of Sara Harrington and Harry Glazer. No launch date has been set yet.

b. Imaging of public PCs: The Luna client will be removed. Install dates are: 8/16 ALEX; 8/18 LSM; 8/19 ART; 8/20 KLMR; 8/23 DGLSS; 8/24 ROBESON; 8/25 DANA; 8/26 SMLR; 8/27 CHANG

c. Imaging of public Macs: Fordham server will be used for this task and the Macs will be shipped with image. Allocations are: 4 each to ALEX, DGLSS, KLMR, and LSM; 3 to DANA, and 2 to ART.

d. RULMail: Cabinet will receive training on 8/16. After Cabinet approval, we will have to consider migrating RUL mailing lists, and add room-specific equipment to the room booking module.

e. Scheduled downtime on 7/21-7/22: RULMail - 9pm-10pm; RCI - 9pm-1am

f. The Illiad server is to be moved to a new server by 7/27.

2. Backup Subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)

a. IIS Network Drive Policy: Nick provide an overview of the document, which codifies our current practices and procedures. Nick confirmed that both the S and T drives are backed up daily (Mon-Fri) via 2 full and 3 incremental backups. Nick can run an annual report on old files on the shared drives that are candidates for deletion or archiving.

There was discussion on the implications of this policy on the use of the Master Backup software for local My Documents folders (see next item).

b. Backup policy for individual PCs: The goal is disaster recovery of individual profiles on local PCs. There will be weekly backups to the building servers and then to off-site storage. Discussion ensued over the backup process and the appropriate off-site location for each building server.

After much discussion, the Backup subgroup agreed to meet again to hash out details to recalculate the most appropriate quota size.

3. Use of Adobe Connect Pro (Nick Gonzaga)

Please refer to message distributed earlier (7/19) by e-mail concerning multiple users per account.

4. Review of desktop conferencing software (Rich Sandler)

Features of various Web-based software solutions were reviewed, including those that do not require downloading of a client. Dimdim was offered as a viable free alternative to Adobe Connect Pro for small group desktop videoconferencing.


1. BookRoom replacement (Anne Butman)

A reminder to send in lists of room-specific equipment.

2. Notification plans for severe network outages (Anne Butman)

After some discussion, the group decided to recommend the use of a phone chain (IIS to UCS/PC Coordinators to users) as well as a desktop pop-up notification.

3. "Use at your own risk" notice for public PCs (Joe Abraham)

Discussion on this issue will be handled via email.

4. PCWG membership review (Joe Abraham)

Please review membership list distributed with the meeting agenda and let Joe know of changes.

5. Review of PCWG Website (Joe Abraham)

Content will be reviewed and updated.

6. Experience sharing from all attendees

Agenda item for next meeting (8/17): WiFi availability for the public

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