Minutes of August 17, 2010 Meeting

J. Abraham, M. Belasco, A. Butman(recorder), J. Gibson, J. Hartstein, K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk, K. McGuire, J. Mulez, R. Sandler, C. Singh
K. Au, S. Bartz, A. Bijur, P. Johnson, N. Gonzaga, A. Ruggiero


John Mulez was introduced and welcomed to the group. Because of a scheduling conflict John will be attending meetings in S. Dalina's stead.

IIS Update

Backup Subgroup

Discussion and report tabled for future meeting.

Emergency Outage Phone Lists

A. Butman received lists from Alex, Kilmer, LSM awaiting lists from Douglass, Dana, Robeson and SCC. A. Butman requested that lists illustrate who gets initial call and chain of calls that should result thereafter. For example, IIS>>UCS (backup)>>Access Services (contact + backup)>>Reference (contact + backup) etc.

Supported Software Lists

The group decided that it was not necessary to provide an exhaustive list of supported software for faculty and staff but rather have a list of standard software instead. Such a list would consist of current standard word processing suite, spreadsheet software, etc. It was agreed by the group that a policy stating that only software licensed for use on or purchased for use on RUL workstations should be installed and supported and where applicable and possible a list of software that is NOT supported and should not be installed would be applied by local UCS' and support staff.

Regarding public machines it was agreed that each library will have a link to a page listing of currently installed software on machines in each respective library. K. McGuire suggested adding link to OIT software page as well for ease of use.

Mac usage

Macs are currently installed in Alex, Douglass and Dana and, while use is not necessarily high right now, they are being used.

PC Availability Pages

The group agreed to move forward with PC Availability Pages. K. McGuire suggested creating a Mac column, this can be accommodated. A. Butman will send information to USC letting them know about these pages.

PDF Creator

In looking for software to facilitate the conversion of documents to .pdf format two products were discussed. In Camden they are using PDFCreator-freeware available from SourceForge and Joe Abraham has tried out PDF reDirect a commercially available product. Both products convert files, merge documents and offer digital signature and encryption capabilities. JG urged using caution upon installation of PDFCreator as unnecessary browser toolbars are checked to be installed by default. JA, JG, DV, and CS will evaluate both products and report the results of their findings back to the group by 9/1.

PCWG Goals

JA was unable to find 2010 goals; JM will forward a copy to him for review. Among the goals discussed for 2011 the following were possibilities:

JA will flush out ideas and bring to September meeting for discussion.


The discussion of wireless implementation for non RU affiliates brought with it many significant issues for consideration. Issues such as RUL serving the public as well as those affiliated with the university, the possibility of third party vendors being solicited for free implementation, RUL's responsibility to licensing commitments, space for RU affiliates being available when needed being a priority, the possibility of a pilot program, etc., were all brought to the table. The group consensus in the end seemed to be that having a free wireless offering would clearly be convenient for non RU affiliates however it does not fall within the mission of the libraries, access to government publications and online journals, indexes and databases is available via public computers in the libraries. JA will forward a summary of this discussion on to the co-chairs of USC for their review and discussion.

Experience Sharing

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