Minutes of September 21, 2010 Meeting

J. Abraham, M. Belasco, A. Butman, J. Gibson (recorder), K. Kuehl, K. McGuire, R. Sandler, C. Singh, N. Gonzaga, A. Ruggiero, S. Bartz, D. Voorhees
A. Bijur, J. Maxymuk
K. Au, P. Johnson, J. Hartstein

IIS Update:

Backup Subgroup:

The backup subgroup will begin the implementation on 9/27 with a test group. Nick has outlined goals to benchmark performance and would like to test those numbers in a 3 week trial comparing Master Backup from OIT and Microsoft Backup. The trial will be completed by October 15th. Nick stated that he should be able to provide weekly logs of the performance to this group. The test will consist of 6 users from each building, of which, each group will be split in two. The two groups will be assigned one of the programs above. The backups will occur weekly from the local campus where the users are located and then will be backed up centrally. The items to be included in a backup will be similar to the items included in a system swap or migration. The backups will include default backup locations and the user will be able to request additional locations that are not standard. The local users will be given a network resource that isn’t currently in use, but will be made available to the backup software for storage of data. This resource will not be directly accessible to the user to prevent them from accidently harming their backups. Buildings that are south of the Raritan will back up to Alex, locations north of the Raritan will backup to TSB. TSB will backup to Alex, and vice versa. The group decided that the first level of restore of PC data will occur locally with UCS, but if the UCS needs help with a restoration, perhaps from a centrally stored data point, Nick could help or make the data available. Having more than one person available to retrieve the data may also improve efficiency and possibly prevent a single source of failure when data is needed.

PDF Creator Software:

Joseph brought forth the suggestion to implement a print to PDF option for users. As a result, Camden suggested the open source software program PDF creator to be compared; it was also noted to compare that program with the freeware version of PDF redirect used elsewhere. The testing group agreed that although PDF redirect was more visibly aesthetic and easier to use, the feature set was too small for our internal needs. PDF Creator has a larger subset of needed features and it was recommended to the group to be implemented on future installs, only when there are no licenses available to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

CD Burning Software:

Chris Singh is investigating various programs to burn media on PC’s. The goal is to unify the software used at locations. John G. and Rich S. have volunteered to assist in this investigation and will report their findings back to the group October 5th and then will discuss at the next meeting the findings. Programs being investigated on Windows XP include: CDBurnerXP, BurnAware, and ImgBurn

PCWG 2011 Goals:

Experience Sharing & Observations:


Next recorder: A. Bijur

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