Minutes of November 16, 2010 Meeting

J. Abraham (chair), S. Bartz, M. Belasco, A. Bijur, A. Butman, J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga (recorder), J. Hartstein, P. Johnson, K. Kuehl, K. McGuire, J. Mulez, A. Ruggiero, R. Sandler, C. Singh, D. Voorhees
J. Maxymuk
K. Au

IIS Update

Public Image Changes to Desktop: Anne prepared some samples of copyright and bubbles for possible desktop changes; options were presented either a click through and then the copyright notice or bubbles that clearly states that user data must be saved to a flash drive to prevent data loss; suggestions were made to make this data-loss notice to be permanently placed on the desktop.

Sub-group/Action item: Kevin and Joe will prepare additional samples and will be presented before the next PCWG meeting.

VOIP Update The transition to VOIP will start in December for Kilmer area and then continue to Douglass and Chang; Alex may start during Spring next year but no definite dates yet. Area code will change from 732 to 848; fax machines' area codes will not be changed.

Zimbra Update - The migration is moving swiftly and about 20 users are migrated per week. Additional seats were added at the IHL (Alex) training to accommodate more participants. More training schedules: NB area on 11/16; Newark on 12/1 and 12/3; Camden on 12/13.

Backup Subgroup: Logs: Nick reported that the backup logs were collected from the UCS and IIS staff to analyze any errors; some errors did not show up on the succeeding weeks of backup and this proved that the backup errors were files that were still open during the actual backup. Pros and Cons: Comparative analysis was presented between Master Backup (MB) and Windows Backup (WB); MB has a better interface and easy to install and setup than WB; once backup jobs are scheduled, both programs completed the jobs very well; however, MB was found to have some freezing or hanging issues; furthermore, MB is no longer being updated while WB has continuing support and the next OS, Windows 7, has a better backup utility.

Finally, Nick recommended to use Windows Backup software for our Automated Backup System (ABS). Setup: E-mail local folders will Not be included; zimbra migration will include the local folders and this will also reduce the file sizes and less network traffic during backups. Sirsi settings and preferences will be included. Roll-out: Once Zimbra migration is completed, we will start with the ABS installs; projected start date is February, 2011; deployment will be by library and will proceed by floor or department; more details and schedule will be announced later. Local UCSs will assist IIS during ABS installation at their respective libraries.

Laptop Lending Program

Kevin sent all members a chart displaying lending statistics from September to October stressing the fourfold increase in lending; he attributed the increase to the ads like many signs placed throughout the library. Some questions were raised about the users' info and may require to conduct a users' survey. He also suggested that Kilmer would benefit if this Laptop program is implemented there to alleviate overflow of students waiting to use a PC.

Action Item: Kevin, who has already prepared draft survey, will coordinate with Anne who is certified to do human subject analysis.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Rich sent a proposal letter to Natalie and Kevin of the User Services Group. The proposal is to enhance online reference communication, by adding videoconferencing to the 'Ask a Librarian' web site. He cited research, indicating the necessity for videoconferencing software for in-depth research queries. He stated that videoconference online reference is used at the Texas State University Library, and that a RU librarian has successfully used Adobe ConnectPro to perform online reference.

Technical Skills Series

John tried to video-record a Sakai training but suggested that screen capture is better to create training resources; he said that resources and materials can be uploaded to the Sakai site to share with others; we may need to involve OIT and outside speakers for training and staff development.

VLC Media Player

Chris suggests to include VLC player in the staff image since it supports more video formats; he cited an example wherein VLC player was recently used for presentation by some librarians and it did not require a lot of preparation and it is user friendly.

Old/New Business

Joe announced that the online PCWG materials are updated; Anne added another link still has the old information. Joe will follow up to update the other outdated links. Communication Role of PC Coordinators: Joe reminded members that PC coordinators are the voices of communication to their units and should actively push info to their respective areas; news and updates should be regularly shared for info-dissemination; he cited that he sends a monthly update to his supported staff.

Experience Sharing

Alex/Imaging: Added RU Express to Alex, Art, Chang and SMLR; this will enable students to print with their RU Express card using LPT1. LSM: Replaced their old projector in the meeting room with a better unit. Robeson: Renovations are still on-going and lots of moving equipments, new offices created; two new Circulation positions are announced. SCC Reported that the RU/TV feed has degraded in the past week; it may be caused by a burnt-out switch in the basement. Chang: RU Express was set up Douglass: More business in the Fordham Lab and gets crowded during peak times; automated logging system was deployed to record attendance and application usage. Special Collections: Expressed interest to acquire barcode readers; Anne will send quote to Nancy Martin. Dana The old Polycom FX was decommissioned and replaced with a new unit, Polycom HDX7000; Chris will check with Sam McDonald to update the VC list and Bookroom info.


Joe will schedule next year's meetings in BookRoom and will add a 5th site (Douglass) through cascading endpoints.

Next recorder: J. Hartstein
Next Meeting: December 21

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_10-11-16.shtml
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