Minutes of February 15, 2011 Meeting

Joseph Abraham (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Anne Butman, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, Ken Kuehl, Kevin McGuire, John Mulex (recorder), Tibor Purger, Adrew Ruggiero, Rich Sandler
Pam Johnson
Ka Neng Au*, Ashwin Bijur, John Gibson, John Maxymuk*, Chris Singh*, Darryl Voorhees
*Newark and Camden were unable to participate due to technical difficulties.

Reports and Follow-up

Virus Report (Anne Butman)

Anne discussed a reoccurring virus infecting work computers. The virus was first reported at Chang Library on Thursday February 10 and has been spreading and re-generating at other locations. Ed Smith found that it has been working through DameWare and shutting down the virus protection software. Anne will provide a fix and a list of affected users to the PC Working group. So far no public computers have been affected. Her other reports will be delayed until the March meeting because of the need to address the virus issue.

File Back-up subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)

Nick reported that he is finalizing plans for back-up implementation. He has met with vendors and is awaiting their feedback. There was a discussion about the frequency of back-ups and what files and programs need to be backed-up. Also the question of whose input would be requested and the language of a questionnaire were discussed. Nick expects the questionnaire input to be ready for March meeting, when implementation instructions hope to begin to be finalized. Final back-up implementation will be delayed to at least April.

File Back-up Implementation (Tibor Purger)

Tibor stated that an automated file back-up is warranted for University users. He has been contacting vendors.

Goal Progression

Technical Skills Series (Joseph Abraham)

Joseph Abraham reported on behalf of John Gibson. John is preparing for the Technical Skills Workshops set-up for the State of the Libraries. He is looking for volunteers for assistance in the future for technical documentation.

Lending Laptop Program (Kevin McGuire)

No updates.

Desktop Videoconferencing (Rich Sandler)

Rich reported that he received a request to add Elluminate, to the PCWG recommended list of videoconferencing software. He said it was not on the list, because Rutgers' Faculty and technical staff (including the PCWG) tested several software and Adobe Connect Pro was chosen . Rich said he would add Elluminate as an option because there are still free licenses available from the Continuing Ed Department.

RU Wireless Guest Account Tool (Joseph Abraham)

A draft statement concerning the RU Wireless Guest Account criteria was presented before the group and will be sent for distribution to members for their supported users. A copy will also be forwarded to the co-chairs of User Services Council.


Acting Chair for PCWG (Joe Abraham)

Volunteers for acting chair for PCWG were requested to accommodate Joseph Abraham's family leave from mid-November 2011 until mid-January 2012.

Experience Sharing

Joe Abraham reported that Alexander & Art Libraries are waiting for ports to complete the public computer renovations in those libraries. John Gibson reported that the on-going construction in Robeson Library will force the OIT computers to be down until at least Wednesday. Andrew reported that the some computers in Chang Library are being moved to accommodate a study room. Kevin McGuire reported that the image scanner is popular at Kilmer Library and there was an sharp increase in PC reservations in the past month. Mary Belasco reported problems with Aerial PC's and February's meeting will be her last as she is retiring. Good luck Mary.

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