Minutes of March 15, 2011 Meeting

J. Abraham (chair), K. Au, A. Bijur, A. Butman, J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga, J. Hartstein, P. Johnson (recorder), K. McGuire, J. Mulez, A. Ruggiero, R. Sandler, C. Singh, D. Voorhees
K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk
S. Bartz

IIS Update (Anne Butman):

Backup Subgroup (Nick Gonzaga):

Goal Progression:

Desktop Video Conferencing (Rich Sandler):

PCWG Goal - Videoconference reference
Rich met with Tom Glynn regarding the NBISG and PCWG's shared goal of adding a videoconference reference service to the RUL, Ask a Librarian. They noticed a growing support by faculty and staff for a pilot program. However, the User Services Group is focusing solely on the status quo, text chat online reference. Rich will send to PCWG a paper outlining the many reasons way RUL should adopt video-conference reference. (The LibGuides were mentioned as a possible alternative to Ask A Librarian.)

PCWG Goal - Room and desktop IP communications
Rich contacted NJEdge and the RU Continuing Education department to gain access to their MCU (multi-site units). Currently, the maximum number of videoconference endpoints is four. The MCU will allow ten videoconference rooms to join a single meeting. The Polycom PVX is one of the few desktop videoconference software that can join room videoconferenced (H.323) meetings. Rich is researching a bridge between Adobe Connect Pro and room videoconference protocols. The connection would benefit an upcoming international videoconference and future RUL meetings.

Technical Skills Series (John Gibson):

John reported positive feedback on the technical skill series at the 'State of the Libraries', people like the idea of saving the training sessions. He will talk with Tibor Purger and Sam McDonald about moving stored skill series from Sakai to some other portal. John will reach out to the 'Training and Learning' group to see if any training sessions are forth coming.

Lending Laptop Program (Kevin McGuire):

Laptop (netbook) borrowing stats are up at the Art Library. Kevin has begun canvassing access services, reference department, and UCS's at other libraries to get a feel for their interest in having the laptop service at their location. Joe shared some feedback from Jeff Teichmann, on the pilot at Art, Kevin will speak with Jeff. Kevin will share his canvassing results at the next PCWG meeting. The key use of the laptop is to access the internet, which is a restricted RU Wireless network, available only to NetID. At Camden, local community college borrowing agreements may result in some issues for the laptop program.


Andrew Ruggiero has agreed to be Acting Chair of PCWG for Joe Abraham during the months of November and December.

Mary Belasco, ILS representative at PCWG has retired. Joe will report any ILS issues back to Glenn Sandberg until a new ILS representative is identified.

Experience Sharing:

R. Sandler: Getting the latest version of Captivate and Camtasia for the Fordham Lab. Adobe Connect Pro has been upgraded to 8.0 but will not be activated until April.

J. Gibson: Things are in a flux. Lots of renovations going on at Camden; new carpets, new walls constructed, PC's moved, had to replace fax machine. Things should be more stable in about a month.

J. Hartstein: Discovered a graphic display problem with a Java related image on the Dell OptiPlex GX780's in the SCC IHL lab. The graphic card drivers from Dell are not displaying images correctly. New display card drivers obtained from card vendor NVIDA resolved the issue.

J. Abraham: In preparation for the new Café, some PC's have been moved, replaced with an IRIS only PC. The RU TV room is being converted to an enhanced study room with a VGA cable available to students to practice PowerPoint presentations. Five PC's remain to be installed in the reference room, awaiting ports and electricity. This will bring the number of PC Reservation machines back to the original twelve.

A. Ruggiero: Adobe CS5 software has been purchased for the Fordham Lab. The configuration for the workstations is being looked at. At Chang, users are getting a CambridgeSoft licensing error on the public NetID PC's. This error has also been seen at LSM. Andrew will do some more testing. Anne Butman suggested we contact Cathy Pecoraro.

D. Voorhees: This summer, changes to the public area will take place. There will be no photo copy machines, with a few exceptions. In place of the copiers will be about twenty five scan stations. For the students, there will be a scan-to-print option to the RU computer labs. Guests will be able to scan-to-print via print release station. Guests using the scan to print will not automatically also be charged for scanning. Scan to Google docs will also be available for both guests and RU affiliated users. Darryl is looking into the feasibility of connecting upcoming administrative copiers to a fax server or internet fax service. Kevin brought up the issue of a lack of availability for the students to fax documents. Darryl mentioned that the new public scan stations might be able to provide a fax option, but that may not be possible as implementing that solution requires customizations not yet in place.

Next Meeting date: April 19th 2011

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