Minutes of June 21, 2011 Meeting

Joseph Abraham (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Ashwin Bijur, Anne Butman, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, Pam Johnson, Kevin McGuire, John Mulez, Rich Sandler (recorder), Chris Singh, Darryl Voorhees
Ken Kuehl, John Maxymuk
Ka Neng Au, John Gibson, Andrew Ruggiero

Reports and Follow-up

Systems Update

File Back-up subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)

Nick reported that the back-up subgroup has chosen a vendor for the server based backup system and it was approved. Nick will need a list of all the computers that have multiple logins and that are used outside of the 9-5 PM shift by July 5. Full implementation should occur in September. There was a discussion about the multimedia files that will not be backed up. Multimedia files will have to be backed up on network drives.

Goal Progression

Technical Skills Series (Joseph Abraham)

Joseph Abraham reported on behalf of John Gibson. John performed three more training sessions since the last PCWG meeting. One for Microsoft Project, a Sakai session, and a session for Microsoft Excel. The materials for those sessions will be organized and uploaded to the new site when it becomes available.

John is planning an intermediate Microsoft Word session in July and a beginner Microsoft Excel session in August. He offered to record the sessions. Another option was for PCWG members to offer sessions in their buildings.

Lending Laptop Program (Kevin McGuire)

Kevin gave a year end review- statistics, charts and survey.

Five laptops will be purchased as well as a mobile charging station for Kilmer Library. They are expected to be available by the fall semester

Videoconferencing RUL communications and reference (Rich Sandler)

Videoconference reference- Tom Glynn and Rich demonstrated desktop videoconference reference to the Web Board and to the User Services Group. The simulated online reference demo was well received by both groups. The discussion included -advantages of using Adobe's professional videoconference software "Connect Pro", instead of the free "Now" version and training faculty to use the software.

RUL Videoconferencing communication - The groups last meeting utilized the Continuing Ed's Multi - site Control Unit (MCU). The group felt the problems with the aged MCU would make it not worth using. The purchase of a library MCU was mentioned. Rich felt the amount of usage would not justify spending $50,000+. He said that purchasing service contacts for the CODECs would be a higher priority.

PCWG will test a new cross platform software system, the Blue Jeans Network. The company claims their product will enable people at desktop computers to join large room conferences.

Experience Sharing

James reported that a faculty member's personal laptop could not lock into the wireless network at Alexander Library. He and Joe discussed the reasons this occurred and solutions.

Camden - John replaced the old hour sign on their door. He created\installed two remote lcd hour\notice display signs for their door.

A new Camden County library branch is moving into a large portion of their building's lower level. - They are moving materials, preparing files and digital planning to help the move.

OIT - is finishing it's complete transition to the Camden location this summer. The progress is currently about 45-50%.

Newark -The Media Center upgraded their CRT video monitors to HD LCD monitors. (Cris-add to this)

Kilmer -Kevin spoke about plans to expand the Kilmer public computer area to 40 stations. The computer area will be relocated to another area on the first floor with furniture similar to the Douglass . He said that there are plans to add a third printer to reduce the wait time.

Alexander - Joe said that desk anchors for laptop security cables would be available at Alexander Library and that the construction of the Café has started.

Douglass - Rich mentioned plans for the relocation of the computer instructional alcove and the construction of a new music conference room.

LSM - Pam reported that the e-classroom will receive six new PCs bringing the room's total to 17. A new screen was purchased and the projector will be ceiling mounted.

Darryl reported that faculty/staff copiers will be upgraded to include scanners. Public copiers will be replaced with scanners for fall semester.

Special Collections- John Mulez discussed copyright issues with Darrel regarding the scanners at Alexander library.

Next Meeting: July 19, 2011

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