Minutes of July 19, 2011 Meeting

J. Abraham (chair), S. Bartz, A. Bijur, A. Butman, J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga, J. Hartstein, P. Johnson, K. McGuire, J. Mulez, A. Ruggiero (recorder), R. Sandler, C. Singh, D. Voorhees
K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk
K. Au

IIS Update (Anne Butman)

End of Year Reports


Membership review (Joe)
The membership of the PCWG was reviewed and confirmed with the exception of K. Au , K. Kuehl, J. Maxymuk. Joe Abraham will contact these three members to confirm membership.

Public workstation power management (Anne)
Anne proposed a new 'green' configuration for public workstations that would allow the public PCs to go into an energy saving sleep mode after a set amount of time, depending on their automated reboot settings. UCSs interested in participating in the test phase will email Anne the public PCs that will have the new settings after the reimaging is done in early August.

IT forms for new employees (Anne)
Anne proposed overhauling the process by which information is collected and distributed when a new hire joins RUL by means of a web form. Different departments would have different access to portions of the form depending on the nature of the information.

RUL Distribution Lists (Anne)
Anne requested that all PCWG reps send the listservs for which they are responsible to her with the following info:
-List Name
-Description of list purpose and membership

FY2011 annual report preparation (Joe)
Joe asks that new revisions to the annual goal documents be made and sent to him by 7/25.

FY2012 goals (Joe)
Anne suggested one goal is the review of possible replacements for the PC Reservation software.

Experience Sharing

Andrew - Dglss is midway through a summer pilot of local meebo reference. The public PCs in the building now have their home page set to the Dglss library webpage, where from 12-2pm each day Sam McDonald has programmed meebo chat reference boxes of the 4 dglss librarians to appear.

Stephanie - Reminded the groups that she needs staff PC replacement info by this 7/22

John G. - Updated the group on furniture moves at Camden and a temporary instruction area he helped setup.

John M. -Reported the construction of 4 new data ports in SPCOL.

Joe - Reminded the group of his planned leave of absence and that Andrew has agreed to fill in as PCWG chair during his time out. Joe also reported the loss of A.C. at the ART library recently, and shared his personal recommendations regarding temp thresholds: at 85 F pc coordinators should shut down non-essential systems, and at 90F all systems should be shut down.

Next Meeting date: August 16th 2011

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_11-07-19.shtml
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