Minutes of August 16, 2011 Meeting

Joe Abraham (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Ashwin Bijur, Pam Johnson, Kevin McGuire, Orla Mejia (guest), John Mulez, Andrew Ruggiero, Chris Singh (recorder), Darryl Voorhees
Anne Butman, John Gibson, Nick Gonzaga, Rich Sandler, Ka Neng Au
James Hartstein, Ken Kuehl, John Maxymuk


IIS Update (Anne Butman)

Downtime and Outage Announcements (Joe Abraham)

Backup Subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)

Membership Review (Joe Abraham)


FY12 Goals

FY2011 Goals were reviewed by the group in order to determine which items were completed and which items were not (over arching) and needed to be carried over into FY12. After some discussion, it was determined that there would be a combination of three new goals and two carried over from FY10/FY11.

List of Goals for FY12:

  1. PC Reservation evaluation.
  2. Implementation of an IT entry form
  3. Evaluate video conferencing systems across the libraries.
  4. Technical Series Workshop (carry over).
  5. Automated backup software implementation (carry over).

Experience Sharing

Camden - John Gibson

Alexander Library- Joe Abraham

Douglas Library- Andrew Ruggiero

Imaging Services - Darryl Voorhees

Dana Library - Chris Singh

Kilmer Library - Kevin McGuire

Next Meeting: September 20th 2011

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_11-08-16.shtml
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