Minutes of February 21, 2012 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Ashwin Bijur (recorder), Nick Gonzaga, Rich Sandler, Kevin McGuire, John Mulez, Andrew Ruggiero, Chris Singh, John Gibson
Pam Johnson, Ken Kuehl
Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Darryl Voorhees, John Maxymuk, James Hartstein

Reports and follow-up

IIS Update

  1. PCWG email list ownership has been transferred to Joe A. from Anne B.
  2. VoIP – Minihubs in the SCC cannot be used for VoIP phones. Need to install data ports.
  3. There is an analog line in the Heyer room (4th floor), so no need to install a new analog voice port.
  4. Alex has the option of keeping the current analog campus phones and paying for them or switching over to VoIP campus phones only.
  5. Can 911 emergency text messages be sent to emergency responders? Joe A., Chris S. and John G. will find out and let us know at the next meeting.
  6. Anne Butman has moved to OIT. Ed Smith will be contacted for UCM responsibilities. He will escalate any important issues to Tibor as needed.
  7. PC swaps for staff are ongoing.
  8. Joe A. stated that ILL will opt out of PCWG meetings but will still read minutes of the meetings.

Backup Subgroup

  1. The DLO backup client will be included on all new installs. For older installs, manually apply it from \\taslib\dlo\setup.exe.
  2. Files have been restored to two staff users who lost their HD’s recently.

Technical Training Series

  1. Reviews have been positive so far for the Tech training seminars.
  2. John Gibson and Marilyn Wilt will update the web page and will ask users to fill out surveys.

Video Conferencing Evaluation

  1. Joe A. asked if responsibility for video conferencing has shifted from PCWG to the Multimedia technical team consisting of Tibor, Nick etc. Rich S. replied that the Multimedia tech team was formed by Tibor in response to two high profile video-conference failures. The group examined the RUL endpoint codec systems and will submit a report with recommendations to upgrade the entire system. Rich mentioned that 5 of the 12 RUL endpoint codecs are considered by the video-conference industry as “out of service life”. Rich also said that he Multimedia tech team needs all the endpoint mangers to provide information regarding problematic videoconference issues.
  2. Nick stated that review of video conferencing will continue in PCWG. The Multimedia Tech Team will be responsible for replacing the conference room equipment.
  3. Adobe Connect has 4 licenses - Rich S. will be responsible for Dglss and College Avenue, Nick G. will be responsible for Busch and Livingston, Chris S. for Dana and John G. for Camden. ( However, past collaborations may continue)


Microsoft Access on Public PCs and Netbooks

Netbooks vs. Laptops

Experience Sharing






Next meeting: March 20th, 10:00 a.m. – Recorder; Maxymuk, Gibson…

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