Minutes of March 20, 2012 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Ashwin Bijur, Nick Gonzaga, Rich Sandler, Kevin McGuire, John Gibson (recorder), Darryl Voorhees, James Hartstein, Pam Johnson, Ken Kuehl, Rich Sandler
Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, John Maxymuk, John Mulez, Chris Singh, Andrew Ruggiero

Reports and follow-up

IIS Update (Ashwin Bijur)

Backup Subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)

Technical Training Series (John Gibson)

Video Conferencing (Rich Sandler)


RUWireless Support Procedures (Kevin McGuire)

Experience Sharing

Ken: Will request minor feature changes to BookRoom to help him better arrange and prepare video conferences.

Joe: Half of all new computer swaps at Alexander are completed.

Darryl: Kilmer will soon have their Scan Stations all setup when a data port is installed by OIT. He is also working on testing new software that will allow expanded features at all scan stations at Rutgers and possibly to add a scan to lab printing option at locations. This update might occur over the summer and be expanded into the fall.

Kevin: Kilmer has finished the creation of a computer lab that can seat 60 people with 45 computer terminals. Kilmer has purchased three new netbooks and five new laptops (used for greater performance) for lending soon.

Pam: Now supports 15-20 minutes per class in setting up wireless on laptops. Joe is going to send along a support a document to Pam that she can instead offer as a handout to patrons.

Rich: There are now two endpoints at Kilmer and the information about those devices will be forthcoming. On another note, a new clipping service is also available to teaching faculty that will allow up to a 10% segment of original material collected, following existing copyright laws and be used in instructional classrooms as an educational tool. Rich also stated that two new projectors were setup at his location.

Ashwin: The phones in IIS will migrate to the 848 exchange starting April 2. Old phone numbers with the prefix 732 will no longer reach them at that time.

John: Robeson will be having the Camden County Library open its doors in the basement of the Paul Robeson Library in April. The new area will include a computer lab area open to the public, which may also decrease the public computing needs of the Robeson computers. John also mentioned that there has been an update to the digital door signs at Robeson. The new signs are capable of remote update using a GUI interface that is editable by the director and includes theme selections.

Next meeting: April 17th, 10:00 a.m.
Recorder: Maxymuk

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