PC Replacement Plan

July 3, 2002

To: Grace Agnew
From: Stephanie Bartz & Anne Butman on behalf of PCWG
RE: PC Replacement Plan

In order to meet the ever-increasing need for reliable staff computers, as well as the minimum technical requirements for new resources and upgrades to existing resources, a substantial number of staff computers will need replacement within the next 30 months. Of the approximately 465 staff PCs within the Rutgers University Libraries, about 60% do not meet the minimum standard for the new version of SIRSI due to be released in 2003. Luna and RIAS are two other resources whose technical specifications exceed those of most staff PCs.

The most essential requirements in the new minimum standard for most staff PCs are 256MB of RAM and the Windows 2000 operating system. About 271 computers will need to be replaced in order to meet that standard. 58% are in the New Brunswick Libraries, 10% in Newark, 5% in Camden, and the remaining 27% are divided among the system-wide departments that include Acquisitions, Cataloging, Database Management, Systems, Imaging Services, Interlibrary Loan Services, Central Administration, and Special Collections.

Up until this time the libraries have maximized the use of equipment funds by recycling PCs to staff based on their individual needs. Service desks and staff members whose main computer use was for SIRSI were generally given low end PCs because of the low technical requirements for running the software. The new SIRSI upgrade precludes the continuation of this practice for the immediate future.

Using PCs acquired previously with funds from the New Brunswick Advisory Committee for Instructional Computing (ACIC), 9 substandard PCs have already been replaced and an additional 37 of the 271 remaining will soon be replaced. The remaining 234 PCs should also be replaced as soon as possible, or at least within the next 30 months.

We recommend replacing one third of the 234 below standard PCs in each of the next three 10 month periods. Based on a standard configuration of PIV, 512MB RAM, 32MB video card, and 40GB hard drive, each new PC would cost approximately $1,400. A total expenditure of $327,600 would cover replacement of all 234 PCs, or $109,200 in each of the next three 10 month periods.

Distribution of replacement computers among the various campuses and departments would proceed based on the percentage of PCs needing replacement in each location. Each batch of 78 computers purchased with this plan, would be distributed as follows:

 Group 1Group 2Group 3
New Brunswick464546
System-wide Depts.202121

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/reports/pc_replacement.shtml
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