Microcomputer & Peripherals Support in the Rutgers University Libraries
A Description of Current Policies and Guidelines

Microcomputers in the Rutgers Libraries are purchased, installed, and maintained by the Systems Department and representatives from local units and departments to support the work of the library. This document focuses on support from the Systems Department.

Hardware and software supported in the Libraries is listed below. The list includes supported products currently recommended for purchase as well as older products no longer recommended but currently installed and, therefore, still supported. Factors considered in developing the list are: performance, price, availability, ease of repair, vendor support, and use on campus and within the libraries. This list is not static; it evolves as products and software changes occur. If specific hardware or software is required for a project and it is not on the support list, the Systems Department should be consulted before the purchase. Changes to the public machines to support new software necessary for the curriculum are done only via the regularly scheduled new machine image that is updated twice a year.

Support of a product means the Systems Department is prepared to assist with purchasing configurations, vendor and pricing information, installation, setup, general use support, troubleshooting and service. Should training be desired, requests should be sent to the RUL Training and Learning Coordinator.

The Systems Department is not in a position to master all available software and hardware. The following lists focus attention and energy on specific products which can be supported. Products not on this list will be supported only as time permits. If alternate hardware or software is purchased, only limited assistance can be provided by Systems. If non-standard or non-work-related software is installed on a machine, Systems is not responsible for its support.

The use of the designation Systems Department is intended to mean any staff member in the department qualified to assist with a hardware or software question. No attempt is made in this document to identify who in the individual locations has responsibility for local support.

Software, full support:

Operating Systems

WordProcessing Suites



Plug Ins

Software, partial support:

Hardware, full support:





Barcode Readers

Hardware, partial support:

Roles and responsibilities in microcomputer support in the libraries

The Systems Department

  1. Reviews microcomputer and peripheral purchases prior to placement of order to ensure the system is complete and appropriate for the defined use.
  2. Installs all library workstations.
  3. Installs the initial software (except CD-ROM workstation software) as part of the initial installation of a public microcomputer work station.
  4. Installs and maintains all Novell servers and assists in the support of NT servers.
  5. Provides a secondary level of diagnostic or troubleshooting support for supported hardware and software.
  6. Provides or coordinates maintenance and repair for supported equipment.
  7. Provides server backup system and tapes and ensures that server backup tapes are changed according to the established schedule.
  8. Recommends security devices for new installations.
  9. Provides advice and assistance to the libraries when equipment has to be relocated.
  10. Coordinates, installs, and, when necessary, orders software upgrades for supported products.
  11. Maintains and coordinates distribution of the student payroll program for TimeTrack and ClockTrack.
  12. Advises on hardware upgrades to existing systems (e.g. additional memory, hard disks, etc.)
  13. Installs or coordinates the installation of all internal CPU components.
  14. Oversees the RUL microcomputer inventory performed by local PC Coordinators.
  15. Provides necessary support to CD-ROM workstations.
  16. Maintains online trouble ticket system.
  17. Packs or transports equipment for warranty returns, depot maintenance, etc.
  18. Disposes of equipment no longer in use.

Roles and responsibilities in microcomputer support in the libraries

Individual locations

  1. Reviews microcomputer purchases with the Systems Department prior to purchase to ensure the system is complete and appropriate for the defined use.
  2. Orders, tracks and monitors local hardware and software purchase orders with vendors.
  3. Performs initial diagnostic and troubleshooting steps when equipment problems occur and escalates requests for service to the Systems Department when appropriate with findings.
  4. Installs CD-ROM workstation software.
  5. Maintains the security of microcomputer workstations. Manages locks, keys, or other security devices in an orderly fashion.
  6. Encourages local staff to back up their critical files to the server rather than the local pcs.
  7. Maintains the local microcomputer inventory.

Current Public Machine Software

Operating System:




PC Coordinators

AdministrationKen Kuehlkuehl@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-7505(x314)
Alexander Library/Art LibraryJoe Abraham (Chair)joseph.abraham@rutgers.edu732/932-7129(x132)
Camden Library FacultyJohn Maxymukmaxymuk@camden.rutgers.edu856/225-2842
Dana LibraryChris Singhchsingh@andromeda.rutgers.edu973/353-5930
Douglass Library/Chang Library/Fordham LabAndrew Ruggieroaruggier@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-9407(x22)
Imaging ServicesDarryl Voorheesdarryl.voorhees@rutgers.edu732/932-7940(x333)
Integrated Information SystemsAnne Butmanabutman@rci.rutgers.edu732/445-5896
Integrated Information SystemsNick Gonzagangonzaga@rci.rutgers.edu732/445-5896
Interlibrary Loan ServicesMary Belascombelasco@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-8345(x342)
Kilmer LibraryKevin McGuirekevinmcg@rci.rutgers.edu848/445-3163
LSM and science branch librariesPam Johnsonjustpam@rci.rutgers.edu732/445-4806(x302)
Media CenterRich Sandlerrssand@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-9783(x33)
New Brunswick Libraries FacultyStephanie Bartzsbartz@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-7129(x122)
Newark Library FacultyKa Neng Auau@andromeda.rutgers.edu973/353-5911
Robeson LibraryJohn Gibsonjgibson@camden.rutgers.edu856/225-2836
Scholarly Communication CenterJames Hartsteinjamesmh@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-8573(x185)
Special Collections & University ArchivesJohn Mulezmulez@rci.rutgers.edu732/932-7049(x380)
Technical and Automated ServicesAshwin Bijuravbijur@rci.rutgers.edu732/445-5896

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