How To Get a New UNICORN Login or Change an Existing One

In order to create new UNICORN logins or alter existing UNICORN logins, departmental supervisors must send email addressed to Tracey Meyer ( Subject line of email should read: Request for Unicorn ID for Staff/Student (choose one - "Staff" is for both staff and faculty employees). Logins will be provided only to those employees who have been through training in the use of RUL's UNICORN system. The following information is required in order to create or modify a login.

  1. Employee's full name
  2. Employee's rutgers email address
  3. The library the employee will be working in
  4. The department the employee will be working in
  5. Whether the employee is new or transfering; if transfering, from where
  6. Whether the employee is full or part-time
  7. Whether the employee is a student, faculty or staff member
  8. Whether there is already another person in the same library who has the same kind of access that this new or altered login will need, and if so whom.

The last question makes it easier for Systems to configure the list of commands the login requires.

To maintain confidentiality of logins, Systems will give passwords and PINs directly to the employee only, either over the phone or in person, and not to supervisors.

Systems will telephone or email supervisors when the creation or modification of a login is complete. Creation and modification of logins should take two to seven working days.

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