ALCHL records with serial control record, but lacking 930, alpha by title

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Produced Monday, April 5, 1999 at 7:15 PM

                 Title: APS news.
      Publication info: New York, NY : American Physical Society, through the
                        American Institute of Physics, 1992-
   copy:1     id:928753-2001      library:PHYS       location:IN-LIBRARY

                 Title: Bulletin / Royal Astronomical Society of Canada = la
                        Soci‚et‚e royale d'astronomie du Canada.
      Publication info: Toronto : The Society = La Soci‚et‚e, 1991-
   copy:1     id:1031745-2001     library:PHYS       location:IN-LIBRARY

                 Title: Physics-Doklady.
      Publication info: Woodbury, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, c1993-
   copy:1     id:39030020446235   library:PHYS       location:IN-LIBRARY

                 Title: Revista mexicana de astronom‚ia y astrof‚isica.
      Publication info: [M‚exico, D.F.] : Instituto de Astronom‚ia,
                        Universidad Nacional Aut‚onoma de M‚exico,
   copy:1     id:39030020017325   library:PHYS       location:IN-LIBRARY