1998's 50 most expensive publication packages

These records were identified as follows:
For all funds with a "material type" of PUBL-PKG, find the 50 most expensive orders (based upon "amount paid" field in the order record) where the title does not contain the text "[computer file]". Output their title, PO#, and price.

As of March 5, 1999

American Institute of Physics [package]PO-26631$30820.15
Journal of physics all. [package]PO-27160$24760.15
Tetrahedron combination [package]PO-26517$19280.90
Nuclear physics - section A and B and B-PS [package] : proceedings, supplementsPO-29448$18102.00
IEEE all society periodicals [package]PO-29933$16995.00
Physics letters [package] : A, B, C (aka physics reports)PO-29457$16004.03
IEEE conference proceedingsPO-29926$15995.00
Brain research package : complete setPO-29492$15428.00
Physica [package] : Sections A, B, C, D, EPO-29449$15047.00
Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research - sections A & B [package]PO-28356$13785.00
American Physical Society [package]PO-26635$12135.15
Pharmacology [package]PO-27061$11486.73
Journal of chromatography [package] : A (cumulative index) and B (Biomendica; appl. and Bibliography)PO-29495$9862.00
Physical review. All sections [package]PO-25538$9493.28
Chemical Society [package]PO-25395$9306.78
Chemical Society [package]PO-26513$9248.57
Materials science and engineering A B C and R [package]PO-26994$8933.45
Comparative biochemistry and physiology -- parts A, B & C [package]PO-26906$8185.04
Mutation research.PO-15302$7698.22
OECD comprehensive subscription [package]PO-27465$6632.00
Water research [package]PO-27151$5726.70
Journal of polymer science [package]PO-25958$5548.39
Journal of geophysical research, Section A-D [Microform].PO-26990$5252.00
FEMS Microbiology [package]PO-26914$5128.78
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. A, ChemistryPO-15927$5053.03
World Bank publications [package]PO-28424$5000.34
American Society of Civil Engineers combination [package]PO-26788$4317.75
Journal of comparative physiology A & B [package]PO-26988$3669.33
Applied physics sections A & B combined [package]PO-26625$3589.54
Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.PO-27132$3287.55
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology.PO-15201$3203.72
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology.PO-14832$2709.83
Chemical geology.PO-15449$2481.57
Acta crystallographica [package]PO-27784$2330.76
IEE proceedings complete [package]PO-25857$2281.75
National academy of sciences (U.S.) publicationsPO-30051$2139.03
Aquatic sciences and fisheries abstracts [package]PO-26782$2085.65
Composites [package]PO-26908$2081.61
Transportation Research Board library subscription [package]PO-30054$1900.00
Metallurgical and materials transactions [package] : A and BPO-29525$1881.63
American Institute of Chemical Engineers [package]PO-26785$1752.35
Transportation research [package]PO-27142$1553.38
International Monetary Fund Comprehensive Subscription [package]PO-28943$1395.85
Research [package] : Research in Microbiology; Research in Immunology; Research in VirologyPO-29486$1247.33
Medicare : preparing for the challenges of the 21st century / Robert D. Reischauer ... [et al.], editors.PO-5148$1140.42
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics [package]PO-27147$1108.53
The home equity lending industry : refinancing mortgages for borrowers with impaired credit / John C. Weicher.PO-4654$797.38
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers [package]PO-25858$744.34
Current opinion in cell biology.PO-15187$681.75
Medical and biological engineering and computing [package]PO-30208$660.00