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Tibor Purger
Director, Integrated Information Systems

Integrated Information Systems

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Integrated Information Systems Department Staff

Tibor Purger Director of Integrated Information Systems
Kalaivani Ananthan Asst. Head/IT Manager
Ashwin Bijur System Administrator
Fengzhi Fan Application Developer
Jie Geng Application Developer
Dave Hoover System Administrator
Kim Kaiser Unit Computing Specialist
Tracey Meyer Information Specialist
Chad Mills Digital Library Architect
Ed Smith Unit Computing Manager
Chris Sterback System Administrator
Jeffery Triggs Application Developer
Yang Yu Systems Programmer


Integrated Information Systems--general Tibor Purger, Director x5-5898
Barcodes Requests  
Windows Domain Login Ed Smith x5-5896 opt.2
PC support Ed Smith x5-5896, opt 2
Electronic Resources-unable to connect, slowness IIS x5-5896, opt 6
Proxy Support IIS x5-5896, opt 6
Alma - Accounts and Roles Tracey Meyer x5-5842
Alma - Acquisitions, Circulation, Serials Control, Reserves Chris Sterback x5-5899
Primo Chad Mills x2-5924
Network Issues IIS x5-5896, opt 2
General Server Support IIS x5-5896, opt 6
RU Connect / Office 365 support IIS x5-5896, opt 7
ETD & RUcore Marty Barnett &
Rhonda Marker (SUS)

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