Considerations when purchasing e-books

Ebook Purchasing Checklist:

  1. Check to see if we've ordered from a given vendor.
  2. What are the system requirements to access the e-bk? (We don't currently support ebook readers like Kindle or Nook. * EPUB, MOBI and locally hosted PDF file formats are not currently supported).
  3. Is the ebook available for institutional purchase?
  4. Single title or part of a package?
  5. # of concurrent users?
  6. *Restrictions on access?
  7. Is the ebook through a vendor's platform?
  8. Perpetual rights or archiving available?

*Downloadable files such as EPUB, MOBI and PDFs are usually password protected and intended to be accessed by one person - not a library community. We cannot host password protected files, the vendor would need to agree to IP Authentication.

Last updated: November 21, 2014
URL: purchasing_e-books.shtml
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