RUL Guidelines for Using 050 _4

Library of Congress call numbers assigned by libraries other than LC itself have second indicator "4" to distinguish these numbers from LC-assigned call numbers. In 1995, RLG issued guidelines for the appropriate use of the 050 _4. We will continue to follow those guidelines strictly (see RLG Guidelines for Using 050 _4). In addition, the following are local guidelines for implementing 050 _4 that are not included in the RLG documentation.

Exclusions: Only call numbers using Library of Congress classification should be entered in the 050 _4. Therefore, RUL should not enter an 050 _4 for categories of materials that do not get LC call numbers, such as:

In addition, the RLG guidelines specify that the call number in 050 _4 should conform to LC practice. Therefore, the following types of call number are not appropriate for using the 050 _4, and the call number should be entered in the CALL or LCAL field of the holdings record, as has been the practice until now:

Workflow and Recommendations: It is recommended that:

Implementation: The use of 050 _4 at RUL will begin on October 16, 1995.

Version 1.1
Prepared by Lida Sak and Rhonda Marker, September 26, 1995.

Updated by Melissa De Fino, May 28, 2009

Last updated June 2009
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