Item Types with their definitions

Book, whether unique or multiple, made or conceived by artists.

Volume of maps, with or without descriptive text, which may be issued to supplement or accompany texts or be published independently.

Music or spoken word cassette tape, audiotape, sound recording.

Music or spoken word compact disc; Optical disk on which a sound recording is digitally encoded for a laser beam to scan, decode, and transmit to a playback system.

Music or spoken word recording; Sound recording invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. It is the earliest form of phonograph record, and was marketed commercially. Sound would be funneled through a horn and against a diaphragm, which would vibrate

Music or spoken word vinyl disc; Disc of shellac, polyvinyl chloride, or other substances so prepared that sound is reproduced when played on a phonograph.

Reel to reel music or spoken word recording, Sound recording on magnetic tape.

Sheets of paper, parchment, or similar material, that are blank, written on, or printed, and are strung or bound together.

Sizeable single-sheet notice or advertisement printed on one or both sides, often chiefly textual rather than pictorial, and printed to be read unfolded.

Computer file compact disc-read only; Optical disc on which a large amount of digitized read-only data can be stored.

A special-purpose map, primarily nautical or aeronautical, designed to meet the requirements of navigation or one showing meteorological phenomena or heavenly bodies.

A large, regularly updated file of digitized information related to a specific subject or field.

Disk with magnetic surfaces for storing and retrieving data.

A lengthy, formal written treatise, especially an account of scholarly investigation or original research on a specialized topic, submitted to a university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Ph.D. degree at Rutgers University.

Visual work produced by drawing, which is the application of lines on a surface, often paper, by using a pencil, pen, chalk, or some other tracing instrument to focus on the delineation of form rather than the application of color.

Hybrid audio CD/video DVD; Type of double-sided optical disc with an audio CD on one side and a standard DVD layer on the other.

Computer file DVD-read only; Optical disc on which a large amount of digitized read-only data can be stored.

Print obtained from an engraved printing surface.

Item manufactured for a specific, limited use, and usually intended to be discarded thereafter.

Work presented in the form of a series of pictures carried on photographic film or video tape, presented to the eye in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement.

Film loop; Length of film or magnetic tape whose ends have been sliced together, so as to project or play back the same material continuously.

35 mm film, Strip of 16mm or 35mm film varying in length up to about fifty frames and bearing pictures, text, or captions.

Items borrowed on Interlibrary Loan.

Set of tools, equipment, and other items, often contained in a box or bag, provided for some necessity or to be assembled.

One sheet usually folded.

Handwritten or typewritten documents or a collection primarily composed thereof.

A map on any scale produced entirely by hand, rather than by printing or some other mechanized process.

Handwritten score.

Graphic or photogrammetric representation of the Earth's surface or a part of it, including physical features and political boundaries, where each point corresponds to a geographical or celestial position according to a definite scale or projection.

Small-scale maps keyed to an atlas or series of maps showing how the total area has been divided up by the individual maps.

Flexible, transparent sheet of film bearing a number of microimages arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns, normally having an identifying strip legible without magnification.

Fine-grain, high-resolution film in roll form containing images of documents, reduced in size from the original.

Microimage arranged in similar manner to those on a microfiche, but on an opaque medium.

Miscellaneous item

Paper that is printed and distributed daily, weekly, or at some other regular and usually short interval and which contain news, editorials and opinions, features, advertising, and other matter considered of general interest.

Item borrowed via E-Zborrow.

A nonserial publication consisting of at least 5 but no more than 48 pages exclusive of covers, stapled or sewn but not bound

Publication issued at regular intervals of more than one day.

A sheet intended to be posted to advertise, promote, or publicize an activity, cause, product, or service.

Pictorial work produced by transferring images by means of a matrix such as a

plate, block, or screen, using any of various printing processes.

Item temporarily placed on reserve not intended to remain part of the collection.

A series of staves on which all the different instrumental and/or vocal parts of a musical work are notated one under the other in vertical alignment, so that the parts may be read simultaneously; Alternatively, a set of verbal instructions or graphic models intended to guide musicians in a performance.

Album containing a variety of items, especially when those items serve as memorabilia.

Positive transparency in mount suitable for projection, usually 35mm film in a mount of 2 by 2 inches.

A proposition advanced and defended in a formal disputation, especially by a candidate in partial fulfillment of requirements for a master's degree at Rutgers University.

Required by Unicorn (used when an item type cannot map)

Vhs video cassette; Recording on videotape contained in a cassette.

Laser video disc; Disk on which images and sound are recorded by a laser and can be replayed on a video monitor.

Digital video disc; Optical disk the same size as a compact disc, but designed to hold approximately seven times more digital information, including multiple layers.

Digital video disc. This item type is used for faculty reserves.

Sequence of compressed moving images delivered continuously one way over a data network, at the user's request or at a fixed time, allowing viewing to begin before the entire file has been transmitted.

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