Central Technical Services

Mary Beth Weber is Head of the Central Technical Services Department
          FAX: 732/445-5888                    

Asian Languages Li Sun x5-5942
Cataloging -- General Mary Beth Weber x5-0500
Cartographic Materials Cataloging Melissa De Fino x5-5881
CD-ROM Cataloging Colin Bitter x5-5934
Database Corrections and Maintenance Colin Bitter x5-5934
Digital Projects Mary Beth Weber x5-0500
E-Books Cataloging Colin Bitter x5-5934
End Processing Colin Bitter x5-5934
Gifts Cataloging Mary Beth Weber x5-0500
Inventory/Weeding Jamie Smith x2-6126
Microforms Cataloging (Monographs) Colin Bitter x5-5934
Microforms Cataloging (Serials) Mary Beth Weber x5-0500
Monographic Government Documents Colin Bitter x5-5934
Monographs Cataloging Colin Bitter x5-5934
Record Set Loading Li Sun
Colin Bitter
Retrospective Conversion Mary Beth Weber x5-0500
Scores Ordering/Cataloging Melissa De Fino x5-5881
Serial and Federal Government Documents Li Sun x5-5942
Serials, Integrating Resources and Networked Electronic Resources Li Sun x5-5942
Series and Authority Control Colin Bitter x5-5934
Sound Recordings Ordering/Cataloging Melissa De Fino x5-5881
SOAR Submissions Geoff Wood x5-5791
Special Collections Ordering/Cataloging Melissa De Fino x5-5881
Transfers Colin Bitter
Jamie Smith
Transfers to Library Annex Jamie Smith x2-6126
Videorecording Cataloging Melissa De Fino x5-5881
Withdraws, Relocates Jamie Smith x2-6126

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