State of Libraries 2015

State of the Rutgers University Libraries 2015
Presenters: Krisellen Maloney, Melissa Just, Judy Cohn, Jeanne Boyle, Tao Yang

This presentation introduces the Libraries' new employees, discusses the impact of the Responsibility Center Management budget model on the Libraries, identifies the Libraries' lines of business, provides an overview of the budget for the current fiscal year, and outlines systemwide priorities for 2016-2017.


Accessing Resources from EAD Finding Aids in RUcore
Presenters: Caryn Radick, Angela Lawrence, Elizabeth Surles, and Melissa De Fino

EAD finding aids support the navigation of special collections such as the archives of politicians or the artwork of a noted illustrator. EAD finding aids can be searched and retrieved through RUcore, but the resources they describe and navigate are not associated with them. This project creates simple metadata to associate with digital facsimiles and the finding aid to provide ready access to resources in the order in which archivists have assembled them, to provide not only the meaning of the resource but its meaning in relation to the resources assembled with it in the physical collection. If you can't visit SC/UA or IJS, then we will come to you!

RUcore offers complete preservation, including limitations to access to support resources with rights restrictions. The goal of this SC/UA, IJS, and RUcore project is to digitally preserve fragile collections simply and effectively and make them accessible to the fullest extent possible, to increase their impact and use while preserving the fragile originals.

Another Brick in the Wall: Libraries in the Infrastructure of Addiction Science
Presenters: Judit Ward, William Bejarano, Will Haggis, Maria Ortiz-Myers, and Paul Kibala

The poster calls attention to important roles academic librarians can assume in their field as integral parts of the infrastructure of science, including researchers, journals, libraries, professional societies, and specialized databases. The Alcohol Library participates in collaborative research that focuses on the values, needs, and commonalities of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug organizations by mapping the field with tools of information science. Activities also involve our graduate assistants from SC&I, who gain invaluable experience during their internship in the Alcohol Library while contributing to international efforts of collecting data and documenting the existing functions and activities typical of the individual components of the infrastructure.

Batch-Processing E-Book Bibliographic Records into the RUL Catalog: Challenges and Solutions
Presenters: Li Sun and Geoffrey Wood

As e-book collections in academic libraries increase, batch-processing e-book bibliographic records into catalogs has presented tremendous challenges. This poster introduces experiments that librarians have taken using a mix of traditional and new techniques and tools in order to develop an effective and efficient method for managing and providing access to e-books.

Critical University Context to Inform Collection Decisions
Presenters: Tao Yang, Gracemary Smulewitz, Cathy Pecoraro, and Paul Cabelli

Collection Development and Management and DTS have collaborated to develop measures that add critical university context to collection decision making. These measures reflect potential need, usage, and impact to be expected from collection decisions and include undergraduate and graduate enrollment, undergraduate and graduate degrees conferred, number of faculty, and number of faculty publications, as identified in SCOPUS and Web of Science, for broad areas of study at the university.

Digital Curation: Purpose and Impact in the Digital Age
Presenters: Isaiah Beard

Libraries have an opportunity to play a key role in protecting our history, heritage, and important scholarly research as these endeavors shift increasingly to digital technology. Important historical moments and everyday events are captured in greater detail by the public, the ability to tell a story has been democratized, and accurate data gathering equipment has been commoditized. But all of this data is at risk. How do we ensure that the products of these efforts are preserved? Digital curation is a discipline that applies tried and tested principles to ensure that our data will endure the test of time and technology shifts. This presentation will explain why digital curation is important to us, and what impacts it is already having on RUL resources.

DOI Assignment for the Ocean Observatories Initiative [PowerPoint]
Presenters: Chad Mills and Yu-Hung Lin

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) is a 25 year project to monitor the world's major oceans through seven equipment arrays in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Pedabytes of data will be collected annually. The NSF has asked the OOI Cyberinfrastructure Team, a collaboration of Rutgers Computer Science and Marine and Coastal Sciences, to assign DOIs to datastreams collected from 700+ sensors and instruments so that the data may be cited and archived. The principal investigator, Manish Parashar, turned to the Rutgers University Libraries for assistance. This poster will describe the data model for OOI data and the major decisions that had to be made-such as when is a data stream changed enough to require a new version and how should data streams be titled-and explain how the application works.

Establishing a Successful Systematic Review Service for the RBHS Community
Presenters: Peggy Dreker and Sarah Jewel

Librarians at the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences on the RBHS campus have assisted faculty, researchers, and students working on systematic reviews in the past, but a formal program did not exist. With the goal to better serve faculty and students, a team of librarians developed a structured, two-tier systematic service. The poster also outlines the systematic review research process.

"Hands-On" Evidence Based Medicine Rounds with Pediatric Residents [PowerPoint]
Presenters: Pam Hargwood

This poster describes the successful implementation of a project to increase the ability of pediatric residents to practice evidence based medicine in real time and examine if patient care is supported or changed based on the resident's findings.

Health Sciences Librarians' Contributions to IRB
Presenters: Yingting Zhang, Bob Cupryk, and Kerry O'Rourke

Librarians from RWJ Library of the Health Sciences Libraries have been participating in the Health Sciences Institutional Review Board (IRB) since 2006. The RWJ IRB has 3 boards that meet monthly as well as an executive committee. Librarians serve as non-scientists on each of the boards, performing reviews mostly as 2nd reviewers. Our participation is essential since a full IRB meeting must include a non-scientist. In addition to full board reviews, we also are assigned expedited reviews throughout the month. We also serve as a resource if any information needs arise that we as health sciences librarians can assist in answering. Our contributions have been recognized several times by the IRB leaders. We look forward to sharing how health sciences librarians contribute to the RBHS IRB.

Healthy NJ - Information for Healthy Living
Presenters: Nancy Blankenhorn and Peggy Dreker

HealthyNJ,, is the consumer health web site that is maintained by the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences. HealthyNJ provides consumer health information on 550 different topics. It also provides health and wellness information, drug information, information on health in New Jersey, and a special section for kids and teens.

How ILL Data Analysis Can Inform and Influence Collection Development
Presenters: Janet Croft, Orla Mejia, and Rebecca Sloat

This poster will highlight measures developed to integrate ILL more fully into the collection development and analysis process. ILL requests are stratified by archived, recent, or current. Article reprints are notable for a strict interpretation of fair use which requires a significant reprint fee or a subscription after the 5th article request (known as the "CONTU Rule of 5"). The ILL Data Analysis Task Force has developed new strategies for monitoring and measuring this critical collection area and identified new models and options for cost-effective purchases of reprints.

The Libraries' New Catalog - VuFind
Presenters: Christopher Sterback, Mary Ann Koruth, Yuhwei Ling, and Joseph Deodato

In August, the Libraries introduced a new catalog interface called VuFind, an open-source discovery portal developed at Villanova University and supported by a community of libraries from around the world. Beginning in the fall of 2014, a team of individuals in TAS and RIS worked on the installation and customization of VuFind with the goal of implementing a new and improved library catalog interface for the fall 2015 semester. Our poster will highlight the benefits of VuFind as well as the collaborative effort that brought it to fruition, and offer a peek at some of the enhancements planned for the future.

Professional Development and Continuing Education Committee: Resources for You
Handout 1 [PDF] | Handout 2 [PDF]
Presenters: Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Darryl Voorhees

Come meet the members of the RUL professional Development and Continuing Education Committee. Find out how we can help you locate the resources that you need for your continuing professional development.

SHARE the Info: Spreading Health Awareness with Resources and Education - an NN/LM Funded Program
Presenters: Yini Zhu, Mina Ghajar, Ermira Mitre, and Stephen Modica

Despite the availability of various online patient education resources, the majority of physicians have not incorporated them into practice. The SHARE program's objective is to reach out to physicians, faculty, students, nurses, and patients and their families to raise the awareness of consumer health information resources available through the National Library of Medicine and the Health Sciences Libraries at Rutgers University. An NN/LM Health Information Awareness grant was awarded to support the SHARE program that offers weekly tables/tents at the Medical School and the University Hospital where demonstrations and trainings are being conducted on how to use NLM's MedlinePlus, Drug information, HealthyNJ, and other consumer health information resources and library services. A specially designed SHARE card and instructional and health literacy materials are distributed at each session. An IRB reviewed evaluation form and log sheet are collected for program assessment and analysis.

Showcasing the New SMLR Library
Presenters: Julie Peters

This poster will showcase the recent renovations completed over the summer in the Carey Library at SMLR. New and expanded services and resources will also be presented.

Social Media and SC/UA
Presenters: Christie Lutz and Tara Maharjan

Special Collections and University Archives is excited to announce that we launched social media on September 1, 2015. The Instagram features pictures from the unique holdings of the Sinclair New Jersey, Manuscripts, Rare Books, and University Archives Collections, as well as behind the scenes images of the Conservation Lab and exhibit preparation. Our Instagram is @rutgers_scua or Our blog entitled "What Exit?" provides the latest news and information about acquisitions, holdings, events, and all manner of New Jerseyana in the Sinclair New Jersey Collection. Everything from state, county, and municipal history, genealogy, literature, technology, and education will be covered at The Facebook page gives updates on unit events and highlights Instragram posts. The page can be found by searching "Rutgers University Special Collections and University Archives on Facebook.

Surveying Collections at the Institute of Jazz Studies
Presenters: Elizabeth Surles, Angela Lawrence, and Tad Hershorn

To improve administrative control of Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS) collections, IJS archivist Elizabeth Surles designed a comprehensive box-level collections survey, currently being executed by all IJS archivists. The survey is designed to help prioritize backlog processing, identify and quantify preservation issues, record storage locations, determine the extent of IJS collections, and identify hidden collections. This poster describes the workflow, results to date, and plans for Phase II of the project.

Symposium on Open Access: Perspectives in Biomedical and Health Sciences
Presenters: Yingting Zhang, Judy Cohn, Laura Bowering Mullen, Matt Badessa, Jackie Mardikian, Aletia Morgan, and Elizabeth Sosnowska

To celebrate the International Open Access Week with the theme of "Open for Collaboration", Rutgers University Libraries' Health Sciences Libraries and the Office of Research and Economic Development took this opportunity to hold an open access symposium in October 2015 to promote the university's Open Access Policy, effective September 1, 2015. This poster will address how the OA Symposium Planning Group worked together to organize and publicize the symposium, what we learned from the event, and how we will apply the experience and lessons learned to planning future events and services. This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHS-N-276-2011-00003-C with the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System.

Teach and Tell: Access Services' Role in the Big Picture
Presenters: Yini Zhu

Within the library, Access Services staff stand at the convergence of users and services and are armed with core functional skills. Despite this, they have traditionally played a passive role in patron-centered outreach. Our objective: to see if Access Services could move into an active role in the bigger picture of promoting library services to enhance academic learning and research. This project demonstrated that Access Services can go far beyond its traditional, passive desk functions. The success of the project built confidence and motivation among the staff to take on more active roles in patron-centered activities in the future, with multiple project ideas now currently in the pipeline. The "Teach and Tell" project elevated Access Services to get involved in the bigger picture of enhancing academic teaching, learning, and researching.

Usability Testing for Scholar Deposits to a Repository
Presenters: Rhonda Marker, Joseph Deodato, Jie Geng

The RUcore User Services and Applications Working Group conducted usability testing of the scholarly works deposit feature. University faculty and graduate students were given three kinds of works that are commonly deposited. We observed and analyzed their navigation through the Deposit Your Work site and their comments on the process. As a result, we proposed changes to the appearance and function of the website. Some of those changes have already been incorporated into the process. Changes to produce a specific form display for articles, book chapters, conference presentations, etc. will be installed between the fall and spring semesters.

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