* 1997  (November 7) * 
Hey ... What's New? 
Tradition and Innovation In The Book Arts 
Third Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium 
John Cotton Dana library, rutgers, newark campus, newark, new jersey 

* * *

WeLcOme, Lynn Mullins, Director, John Cotton Dana Library 

Master of Ceremonies: William J. Dane, Supervising Librarian and Keeper of Prints and Posters, The Newark Public Library 

ArTIsTs' pRESenTaTion 

Ilene Foti, (Print maker)  
Susan Gosin, (Paper maker) 
Earl B. Lewis, (Children's book illustrator) 
Lois Morrison, (Book artist) 
Anna Pinto, (Calligrapher) 


LUNCH WoRKSHOP: Printing Wood-engravings, Barbara Henry 


PaneL: What does tradition mean in the context of the book arts? How does it relate to the concept of innovation? 

Lowell Bodger (letterpress printer, faculty School of Visual Arts, NYC * speaking on tradition) 
Hedi Kyle (book artist, conservator, author, conservator University of Pennsylvania * speaking on tradition and innovation)* Robert Mahon (book artist, photographer, avant-gardist * speaking on innovation) 

--Sheena Calvert(resp.) Professor Calvert's design class at Mason Gross improvised visual responses to the day's events 


BOOK ArTS JAM: Attendees invited to bring artwork to discuss, sell, share with each other. 

Opening for Exhibition at John Cotton Dana Library, curated by Sheena Calvert and her Design Class at Mason Gross. Invitations and publicity also created and printed by class.