* 1999  (November 5) * 
Res Ipsa Loquitur 
The THING Speaks For Itself 
Fifth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium 
John Cotton Dana library, rutgers, newark campus newark, new jersey 

* * *

WeLcOme, Lynn Mullins, Director, John Cotton Dana Library 

WaTERmarks Workshop: Kim Carr, Gallery Director, Mason Gorss School of the Arts 

ArTIsTs' pRESenTaTions (I) 
Master of Ceremonies: William J. Dane, Supervising Librarian and Keepeer of Prints and Posters, The Newark Public Library 

Anurhadha Das (Book Artist) 
John Ross (Print Maker, Book Maker) 

C o f f e e B r e a k

ArTIsTs' pRESenTaTions (II) 
Ian Schoenherr (Graphic Artist) 
John Schoenherr (Painter, Graphic Artist) 
Suzannah B. Troy (Painter, Book Artist) 

L U N C H 


Barbara Henry "Graphic Novels of Lynd Ward" 

Phillip Dennis Cate "Stories Without Words in Fin-de-siecle Paris Publications" 

Constance Vidor "Wordless Picture Books" 


BOOK ArTS JAM: Attendees invited to bring artwork to discuss, sell, share with each other. 

Opening for Exhibition at John Cotton Dana Library, curated by Denise Mullen, CHairperson, Art Department, New Jersey City University 

Pictures from the Symposium
* * *