*2001  (November 2) *
New Jersey
Seventh Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

John Cotton Dana Library,Rutgers--Newark

Workshop:Finger Cutting, by Beatrice Coron
(see photographs online)

Gerard Charriere
Rand Huebsch
Rocco Scary
Ilse Schreiber-Noll
Lynne Allen

Sister Sheila Flynn:
"Women's Development Work in South Africa Impacted by AIDS"

Rober G. Sewell:
"The First Printed Text In The World: Standing Tall But Isolated in 8th Century Japan: 
Hyakumanto Darani"(Worddoc).

Lourdes Vazquez: "Babel's Library."

Nancy Norton Tomasko: "Papermaking in China"

Pam Scheineman: "Ricardo Anguia: 'Love at First Sight'"

Musical afterpiece
Composed by Dary-John Mizelle:
Rilke Elegy #1 (words by RainerMaria Rilke)
Performed by Soprano, Seung-Ah Lee, and French Horn player, Will deVos. 

(See photographs online)

Opening for Exhibition at John Cotton Dana Library, curated by Sharon Matt Atkins.