* 2002 (November 8) *

The Art of
Keeping It Together

Eighth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers--Newark

Workshop: Pronto Plates by Eileen Foti

Artists Presentations
MaryAnn Miller
Karen Guancione
Sarah K. Stengle
Jacqueline Clipsham

June Wayne:
"Artists' Books and the Genesis of Tamarind"

Lorraine Piroux:
"Monkey Business at Utopia Parkway: The Books of Joseph Cornell"

Mindell Dubansky:
"Blooks: Things That Look Like Books, and Why"

Heyward Ehrlich:
"Kabbalah: Oral and Visual"


O pening for Exhibition at John Cotton Dana Library, curated by Karen Guancione.

For a program to The Art of Keepin' it Together