-- Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson
-- Harry Glazer
-- Michael Joseph
-- Lisa Hasselbrook
-- Constance Vidor
New Jersey Book Arts Committee 2003
Judith K. Brodsky
--William J. Dane
--Karen Guancione
--Michael Joseph
--Lynn S. Mullins
--Ralph Ocker
--Constance Vidor
--Ann Watkins
--Constance Woo
Artist's Announcement: Barbara Henry
Artist in Residence: Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson
Demonstration: Lois Morrison
Audio-Visual: Bill Majors
Exhibition Curator: Karen Guancione
Local Arrangements: Chris Ingram, Janet Masonave
Panel Organizer: Constance Woo
Vendor Coordinator: Bob Pederson
Website: Michael Joseph

Special thanks to Joanne Leone Corris, whose paintings beautified the walls of the John Cotton Dana Room; to the Rutgers University Libraries for its continued support of the Symposium and related book-o-centric activities; and thanks as always to the artists whose selflessness, vision, creative energy enthusiasm and good humor make the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium possible. 

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