Cover of book by Marcia Wilson, with wood-carving

The following photographs were taken at the Ninth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium--Styles of Collecting, Styles of the Book,-- at the Dana Library, Rutgers--Newark. For links to descriptions of the program and more information on the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium, click on the subject headings.
Lois Morrison
Holding up GOCCO box
Listening . . .
Preparing sheet
Examining print
Lois, Gocco printer, print

Michael Joseph introduces panelists
Constance Woo reviews issues inherent in collecting
Marvin Sackner discusses parameters of his privatge colletion
Milan Hughston articulates policy at MOMA
Marshal Weber offers a number of illuminating insights
Sandra Kroupa talks about Difficulty Swallowing
Judith K. Brodsky gives the response to panelists

Marshal listens to question
Booklyn artist (Christopher Wilde)
Artists eat healthy food
Karen and Gordon
Laurie, Sandra and Jae in foreground
Mary Olive Stone is finished
Giovanna LeMarca not displeased
Mindy Belloff encouraging attendees to return to the Dana Room

Richard Minsky advertises new book (1984) at "Open Mike."
Richard Minsky warns audience of loss of freedoms in America.

William Dane
Rocco Scary dismantling his book
Robbin Ami Silverberg flashes a smile
Mary Olive Stone telling stories
Liz Mitchell preparing to speak
Gordon N. Murray presents his case

Mary Olive Stone laughing
Gordon Murray in front of his case
Mrs. Gordon Murray in front of Gordon's case
Constance Woo's case (excerpt)
Constance Woo's case (full)
Karen Guancione's case (full)
Students hanging Karen's case
Karen Guancione's students' case (full)
Students' case (detail)
Marvin Sackner shows Tom Phillips book
Liz Mitchell's case (full)
Minsky talking to Debra Weier and Marshall Weber
Lois Morrison's book (detail)
Marshal Weber in front of case
Mary Olive Stone's book
Robbin Ami Silverberg's Breadheads book
Jean Stuffelbeam looking
Barbara Henry's case (detail)

Audience 1
Audience 2
Audience 3
Audience 4
Audience 5
Audience 6
Audience 7
Audience 8
Audience 9 (overflow)
Audience 10
Audience 11
Audience 12
Audience 13
Audience 14
Audience 15
Audience 16
Audience 17

Relaxing before the workshop begins.
Bill Majors (A/V) discussing A/V with panelists
Rocco relaxing during Power Point presentation
Pausing to check out the vendors
Red and black
Debra and Erena chatting
Constance Vidor, Beatrice Coron, Bob Sewell, Rocco Scary
Karen explains how easy it all was, to Miriam Schaer...
Miriam recounts the fun she had...
Robbin stopping to say goodbye ...
Beatrice stopping to say congratulations ...

Asha with bubblegum book
Asha working on bubblegum book
Beatrice Coron (NJBAS 7) prepares display
Beatrice and Barbara Henry
Beatrice flashing a smile
Bonnie Berkowitz, Liz Mitchell and book
Liz Mitchell showing (invisible) book
Intently looking
Liz Mitchell showing book
Jean Stuffelbeam reading
Lois Morrison and Miriam Schaer
Ted Kruse looking
Philadephia Art School
Ellen Ruben
Maria and Judy
Maria and Laurie
Jennifer Costello looking on shyly
Gordon Murray and Margaret Kruse

Judith K. Brodsky
Richard Minsky
Maureen Cummins and Quin
Glady Grauer and Karen Guancione
Christopher Wilde
Chatting Pair
Smiling Man
Smiling Woman
Beatrice Coron
Bill Majors and Robert Nahory
Gordon Murray
Giovanna LaMarca
Lynn S. Mullins
Michael Joseph
Marshall Weber and Mark Wagner
Two Women
Head of a Woman
Patricia Malarcher and Lois Morrison
Barbara Henry
Bonnie Berkowitz
Frank May
Margaret Kruse
Natalie Dell
Penny Dell
Mindy Belloff
Sandra Jackman
Mimi Schaer
Karen Guancione and Susan Valenza
Smiling Students
Pat and Bryan
Jae Rossman
Constance Woo
Frank May (again)
Marshall Weber
Lisa Hasselbrook
Patricia Malarcher
Pat Scheinnman
Vanessa Flores
Ted Kruse
Friendly Woman with Hidden Nametag
Woman in Profile
Giovanna and Male Friend
Woman (Phyllis?) in Lime Jacket
Bill Dane
Smiling Man (John Clement) in Plaid Shirt
Alison Laughing
Robert Nahory
Debra Weier
Emily Larned
Lata Dyal
Linda Lanza
Constance Woo and Lata Dyal
Bill Majors (again)
Bryan and Andrew
Laurie Whitehall Chung
Maria Pisano
Harry Glazer and Joanne Leone Coriss
Bess Birrell
Lavinia Adler
Madelaine Shellaby
Rocco Scary (with Michael Joseph and Gordon Murray)
Woman with Necklace
Debbie Guedalia
Woman in Turquoise Turtleneck
Mary Olive Stone
Sue Gold of Dell Books
Morleen Grabowsky
Shan Ellentuck
Ruth Sackner
Susan Valenza
Patricia Malarcher (again)
Judy Hoffman
Madelaine Shellaby (again)

Putting out samples
Bob Pederson, Rainbow
Gathering at the break
Pam and students, shopping
Reporting in
During the speaker sessions...
Vendor's table swarmed at lunchtime
Sandra Kroupa (speaker), Patty Smith and students
Dr. Seuss, Charlotte Bronte, and teen health ... hmmm...
Smiling vendor with Stella Waitzkin book in background
Friendly, helpful, well-dressed!
Close shave

Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson (photographer)


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