--Mindy Dubansky
--Harry Glazer
--Michael Joseph
--Constance Higham Vidor
--Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson
New Jersey Book Arts Committee
--Lynne Allen
--Judith K. Brodsky
--William J. Dane
--Michael Joseph
--Lynn S. Mullins
--Ralph Ocker
--Constance Higham Vidor
--Ann Watkins
Artist in Residence: Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson
Audio-Visual: Bill Majors
Local Arrangements: Isabel O'Donovan Keely
Workshop: Beatrice Coron
Website: Michael Joseph

Special thanks to John Ross and Clare Romano whose prints decorated the walls of the John Cotton Dana Room and helped to set the tone for the day's events.
Thanks as always to the artists whose selflessness, vision, creative energy enthusiasm and talent make the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium possible. 

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Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson's Sketchbook
New Jersey Book Arts Symposium
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