Lynne Allen with mocassin book


The following photographs were taken at the Seventh Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium--The New Jersey International Book Art Symposium-- at the Dana Library, Rutgers--Newark. For links to descriptions of the program and more information on the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium, see below.
Beatrice holds up Double Happiness
Beatrice displays finger cutting technique, with diagram
Beatrice glances at diagram
Ann and Ellen at workshop
Karen Guancione is pleased with her Double Happiness

Lynn S. Mullins (NJBAS) welcoming remarks
Lynn S. Mullins
 Bill Dane
 Bill Dane displays a book from the Newark Public Library
 Gerard Charriere and Rand Huebsch (presenters)
Rand Huebsch (presenter)
Rocco Scary and bridge book
 Rocco Scary and apartment house book
 Ilse Schreiber-Noll (presenter) listening intently
 Lynne Allen (presenter) in front of display case
 Lynne Allen (presenter) with bookwork

Judith K. Brodsky's brief introductions
Sister Sheila displays book
 Robert Sewell
 Lourdes Vazquez and book artist, Consuelo Gotay
Nancy Norton Tomasko (presenter) and Chinese paper
Pam Scheinman and Nancy Norton Tomasko (presenters)
 Pam Scheinman with an assist from Bill Majors (AV)
Judith K. Brodsky giving summary remarks

 Sharon Matt Atkins (Guest Curator)
Beatrice Coron's display case
 Rand Huebsch (presenter) in front of display case
 Display case of Rand Huebsch
 Display case of Rocco Scary (presenter)
Barbara Henry (NJBAS 1) with her new book
Barbara Henry (printer), book, and Ralph Ocker (binder)
Ann Montanaro and Ellen Ruben studying display case
 Display case of Lynne Allen
 Display case of Ilse Schreiber-Noll
Display case for Lourdes Vazquez (presenter)
 Display case of Pam Scheinman (presenter)
 Lourdes Vazquez (presenter) in front of display case

 Front row seats!
Workshop beginning . . .
We all follow Beatrice's instructions
Smiling for the camera
 Study of concentration
 Artist in residence drawing a bead on subject
Michael Joseph and Rocco Scary
 Anna Pinto (NJBAS 5)
 Bill Majors
 Vendor and Jennifer

 Dary-John Mizelle (composer) with musicians
Musicans performing Duino Elegy #1 by Dary-John Mizelle
Final notes
Musicians and Composer

 Ralph Ocker (NJBAS)
 Sarah Stengle and Mindy Dubansky
 Henry Pelham Burn reviewing vendor's sample book
 Lois Morrison (NJBAS 4)
 Beatrice Coron (Finger Cutter) and friend
 Lynn Mullins (NJBAS) and Anna Pinto
 Dressed for summer
 Not worried about the CBA at all!
 Rocco Scary (presenter) catches two symposiasts without their badges
 Clare Romano (NJBAS 7)
John Ross (NJBAS 5)
  John Ross (NJBAS 5)
  Constance Vidor (NJBAS) and friend
  Gerard telling a joke
Henry Pelham Burn
Karen Guancione and Beatrice Coron
  Karen and Beatrice return
  Gerard Charriere (presenter) and Lois Morrison (NJBAS 5)
  Lourdes Vazquez and Constance Vidor
  Pam Scheinman (presenter) and Lynne Allen (presenter)
Leonia neighbors, Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson (artist in residence for the day) and Lois Morrison (NJBAS 5)
  Rania Jawarr (CBA) and Mindy Dubansky (Met)
  Sister Sheila Flynn (presenter) with guests
  Karen Guancione and Montclair State students
  Students relaxing
  Lynd Ward's Last unpublished Graphic Novel
  Ralph Ocker (NJBAS) beside vendor's table
  Happy vendor!

  Book Artists
  Book Art is Lucrative!
  Gordon Murray with woodcuts
  Gordon Murray
Book Artists Jam3
Book Artists Jam 4
Book Artists Jam 5
Beatrice, Mary and Longfellow

New Jersey International Book Arts Symposium (2001)
New Jersey Book Arts Symposium
Rutgers University Libraries