Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson became The New Jersey Book Arts Symposium first Artist-In-Residence-For- the- Day--with the proviso that we would tell nobody. Despite complying with her wishes, we noticed that people soon caught on to her, even though she kept positioning her chair along the edge of the room. (And this explains in part her preference for over the shoulder portraits, rather than full frontal.)

Having complied with Ms Wilson's plea for inconspicuousness if not anonymity for so long, we are now hereby outing her. Here are low-res scans of thirty-three of these sketches, made with a pencil and pad. We've arranged them in sequence, more or less, parallel to the events of the day, according to the captions on some of the pages. (Certain sketches do not denote any specific passage in the conference and so we've placed those where they seemed to fit.) The sketches suffer slightly in being reduced, we admit, but we think they retain the spirit of the original. 

For ease of reading we've copied over the captions included in the sketch, except when the text was too long for this purpose or inaccurately identified the subject. When possible we've correctly named subjects within square brackets []. We enjoy these sketches very much, which deftly combine affection and gentle caricature, and we thank Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson for undertaking the hazards of being our first artist-in-residence and for graciously permitting us to publish her work in this form.

NJBAS 2001
Sketch one