Pictures  From  The  Fifth  Annual  New  Jersey  Book 
Arts  Symposium

Coffee and Registration
Symposiasts congregate outside Dana Room
Symposiasts before collaboratively made book, What Is Life-Like? 
Symposiasts congregate, regard and discuss works of art
Symposiasts move toward Dana Room

Screen, showing watermark
Close up of screen
Kim Carr, Teacher
Kim mixing the slurry
Kim Carr demonstrates how to drain the screen
Carr helps enthusiast remove deckle
Constance Woo approaches confidently
Suellen Glashausser makes paper
Spectators watch papermakers

Morning Welcome

Morning Speakers
Master of Ceremonies, 
William J. Dane, with Artists' Book 
Anu Das (book artist)
Anu and exhibition case
William J. Dane introducing John Schoenherr and Ian Schoenherr
Ian and exhibition case
Another side of Ian
John and Ian and John's exhibition case
John, with Lynn S. Mullins, 
Dana host
Suzannah B. Troy (book artist)
SBT strutting to podium
John Ross (print maker, book-maker)
John Ross

Afternoon Speakers
Judy Brodsky (Panel Moderator)
Barbara Henry (NJBAS 1)
Dennis Cate 
Constance Vidor (NJBAS Committee)
John and Ian Schoenherr munching at the break
Debra Weier (NJBAS 2)
Suellen Glashausser (NJBAS 2) helping clean up
Suellen and Karen Giancone
Anna Pinto (NJBAS 3)
Barbara Mauriello (NJBAS 2) clearly impressed with program
Carol Joyce (NJBAS 1) and Gail Aaron
Bill Majors, A/V Extraordinaire

Candid Camera
Refreshments greeting Symposiasts at the entrance to the Dana Room
BOOK ARTISTS JAM: 1, 2, 3,4, 5
John Ross's exhibition cases
Suzannah B. Troy's exhibition case
Constance Woo and Giovanna LeMarka (under work by Robert Mahon)
Erika Mapp showing her work at Book Artists Book Jam
Beatrice Coron and Billy Holiday
Bob Mahon (NJBAS 3) and Jacqueline Ann Clipsham pause to gratify photographer
Ralph Ocker (NJBAS Committee) enjoying a glass of punch
Lynn S. Mullins (NJBAS Committee) laughing at a joke noone else would
Ann Watkins (NJBAS Committee) laughing in horror at Beatrice Coron's book Danse Macabre
Carol Joyce (NJBAS 1) laughing at Michael "Hollywood" Joseph's  BIG smile (NJBAS Committee)
Lois Morrison  regarding camera (suspiciously), and Anna Pinto chatting (NJBAS 3)
Connie Woo happy to come in out of the cold
Beatrice Coron preparing to take photograph
Suzannah B. Troy showing her book, Safe Haven to her high school art teacher
Ralph and Robert
Teleconference to RCIPP (them, watching Ian Schoenherr)
Marianne Gaunt admiring Lois Morrison's book Endangered Species


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