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Flaps, Folds, Figures

Ed Hutchins, Starbridge

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12th Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium
November 3, 2006


                         Lynn S Mullins

    Library Director, Dana Library
                                                            Ann Montanaro
                                                                 Program Chair


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EdHutchins DebraWeier KyleOlmon JudyK. Brodsky

Early Evening

      Book Artists Jam 

Exhibition Opening
                                                 Amanda Thackray (curator)



Books with movable parts have been produced since the thirteenth century, and many different techniques can be seen in books throughout the ages. Early scientific and medical books included lift-the-flaps and rotating wheels to help elucidate the text and illustrate complicated concepts. Books with split pages, introduced in the eighteenth century, allowed the reader to change one illustration into another, much like contemporary mix-and-match books.

Three-dimensional paper peepshows were commonly used by traveling showmen in the nineteenth century. By layering individual sets of pictures, they offered viewers a glimpse of historic sites and man-made wonders. From the mid-nineteenth century, more complex movable books were produced with devices that included transformational slats, intersecting wheels, intricate taboperated action, and stand-up scenes. True pop-up books, those with illustrations that automatically arise when the page is turned, began to be made in large numbers in the late nineteenth century and continue to be created by hand today much as they were when they were first introduced.

The presenters at the Twelfth Annual Symposium will discuss the history of movable books and show how they have incorporated movable elements into their books. The Book Artists’ Jam is an opportunity to meet with participating artists and to view and purchase their work.

Ann Montanaro, chair of this year’s event, is a collector of pop-up and movable books, the founder of The Movable Book Society, and author of Pop-up and Movable Books: A Bibliography (Metuchen, New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1993), and Pop-up and Movable Books: A Bibliography, Supplement 1, 1991-1997, and A Celebration of Pop-Up and Movable Books ([New Brunswick, N.J.]: Movable Book Society, c2004). She is Director of Information Technology at the Rutgers University Libraries. Amanda Thackray is the guest curator for the accompanying exhibition.

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