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From Here to . . . There
Concept and Technique in Artists Books
The 22nd Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium

Slicing The Air Carved Board Book, Asha Ganpat


In many traditions, the number 22 (twenty-two) is associated with creativity. 22 is is the number of letters of the alphabet that we find in the Pentateuch, the alphabet of creation. In the Kabbalah there are 22 paths among the sephirot, the emanations through which The Infinite is revealed, and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms. 22 is also the measure of a circumference of a circle whose diameter is 7--and 7 is of course a sacred number: the number given to the time it took the Infinite to create the Universe. In astrology, sometimes 22 is equated with contrary essences: with the desire to stay rooted to the ground, within the known, and the desire to soar into the air, toward the unknown--the infinite!

Books, of course, are embodied pairs: one page always faces another; for the front cover, there is a back; every leaf has two pages; every fold in the sheet,a multiple of 2 leaves. Therefore books are multiples of 2 x 2, or 22. The number 22 even resembles 2 compositors standing over 2 California job cases or 2 hooks to hold paper. 22 also may suggest 2 people reading, either standing shoulder to shoulder or in a line. 22 also suggests a writer bent over a desk, writing, as she imagines the reader bent over her book, reading, the reader reading over her shoulder--or possibly, the writer reading over her own shoulder, and thus a tradition of writing and creation constantly reaching out in 2 directions: 2 the future, and 2 the past.

So ... with reference (or not) to the various symbolisms inevitably associated with the number 22, "From Here to There: Concept and Technique in Artists Books; The 22nd annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium" will look at different ways artists have devised for negotiating the productive tensions of concept and technique within the creation of artists' books.


Catherine LeCleire : Silkscreen on Book Cloth
Learn to silkscreen on bookcloth using a simple paper stencil. Printmaking and silkscreen in particular offers an innovative technique of repetition and manipulation. The process allows for experimentation and expression. "Many of my final pieces are paper quilts that fold and combine for story telling narratives. They document family history, home, present and past. Sound, size and scale allow for flow of motion and threads of time."

Sarah K. Stengle: Mechanical Toys Workshop
Drop in and draw with Sarah Stengle’s collection of mechanical drawing toys. Participants can use the familiar spirograph, or some if its variants ranging from vintage precursors to obscure spin-offs. Included will be the large Hypercycles system developed by the Museum of Math team to totally out-do spirograph on three fronts: ease of use, complexity and scale. Error and slips of the pen are to be embraced as authentic to the non-digital nature of the process.

line four
Spiro One, Sarah K. Stengle

Aileen Bassis
The Creativity Caravan
-----(Amy Tingle & Maya Stein)

Shellie Jacobson
Heidi Neilson
Ali Osborn
Robin Price
Miriam Schaer


MaryAnn L. Miller
Lois Morrison

Burning Book

Burning Book, Jean Stufflebeem


This year's Registry Project by Asha Ganpat invites everyone to a miniature book swap. Participants will receive a plastic capsule containing a tiny blank handmade book, which they are encouraged to complete--by writing, drawing, etc. The Registry Project Players will then collect books when completed, re-capsulate and drop them into the vending machine (Miniature Book Randomizer). At the end of the day, these one-of-a-kind handmade works will be distributed at random and everyone will go home with a book of their own not of their own making.

The day will conclude with a Book Arts Jam and a small collation celebrating the successful conclusion of the 22nd annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium!   


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