Rare Books and Book Arts - American Wood Engraving

The following are collections that form the John DePol Collection of American Wood Engraving:

John Depol Collection

Artist and printmaker John DePol (1914-2004) had a career spanning 50 years in wood engraving and printing. He produced etchings, prints, pamphlets and book illustrations in a style that became the signature look of the American press book. This collection primarily consists of proofs and prints of wood engravings by DePol. Also included are etchings, paintings, correspondence, exhibition announcements, miscellaneous documents, woodblocks and ephemera, as well as publications and other texts that feature his work or were collected by DePol.  Image from the collection donated by Patricia DePol and Bob Forrest.

Lynd Ward Collection

Lynd Ward (1905-1985) was a graphic novelist and illustrator of over a hundred children’s books and literary classics. The collection consists of 355 wood engraving blocks by Lynd Ward, including 233 blocks from his wordless novel Vertigo, 9 from Ward's illustrations for Frankenstein, 77 related to a wordless novel that remained unfinished at Ward's death and 36 miscellaneous blocks. These blocks are accompanied by eight prints, four of which correspond to images in Vertigo as it was published and five which were not used in the novel. Image courtesy of Robin Ward Savage and Nanda Ward.

Winifred Milius Lubell Collection

Winifred Milius Lubell (1914-2012) was an artist and book illustrator whose artistic work in watercolors and drawings, woodblocks and etchings is represented both in individual works and in illustrations for numerous books. This collection primarily consists of examples of her artistic output, prints, drawings and watercolors. Also included are sketchbooks, woodblocks for many of the prints, draft illustrations for her book Metamorphosis of Baubo and research studies for her project on marginalia in medieval books. Image from the collection donated by Stephen Lubell.

George Howes Whittle Engraving Collection

This collection consists of late 19th century woodblocks, engraving tools and ephemera constructed by George Howes Whittle, an engraver and biographer of Timothy Cole, as a teaching collection in the early 20th century. Image: woodblock and engraving tools from the collection.