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Battle Hymn of the Republic. by Julia Ward Howe

You Were False, But I'll Forgive You

Oh, Take Me to Thy Heart Again

Box 1 of 8: Sheet Music about New Jersey: 1846-1899

Park Waltzes; to the Ladies of Trenton, N.J.
Composed by John Fletcher. New York: Horace Waters, 1854.

Souvenir de Raritan. Valse sentimentale. Composée et dediée a Mademoiselle Margaret Runkle par Otto F. Jacobsen. New York: Firth, Hall and Pond, 1846.

Flirtation Polka. (Composed & Respectfully Dedicated to the Ladies of Bergen Point).
By Henry J. Brown. New York: Wm. Vanderbeek, 1849.

The Students Polka. (To the Students of Burlington College.)
By George W. Hewitt. Philadelphia: A. Fiot, 1851.

Trenton Polka.
Philadelphia: Winner and Shuster, 1854.

Cape May Polka.
Composed by G. Boettger. Baltimore, M.D.: Miller and Beacham, 1855.

AKT Schottisch. Composed and Dedicated to the Alpha Kappa Tau Fraternity of Trenton, N.J.
By John Fletcher. Trenton, N.J.: John Fletcher, 1859.

'Tis but a Little Faded Flower.
Words by Mrs. Ellen G. Howarth, Music by J.R. Thomas, to Mrs. H.D. Van Nostrand, of Armstrong Place, N.J. New York: Wm. A. Pond and Co., 1860.

On the Beach at Cape May!
Words by E.N. Slocum. Philadelphia: R. Wittig and Co., 1868.

On the Beach at Long Branch.
Written and compsed by William Lingard. New York: Wm. A. Pond, 1868.

Elizabeth Galop.
By Charles A. Beardsley. Elizabeth, N.J.: Charles A. Beardsley, 1869.

Star Bicycle Galop.
Composed by Chas. W. Nathan. New York: Spear and Dehnhoff, 1882.

The Lakewood March for Piano.
Written by E. Park Dudley. New York: Thompson Park, 1894.

The Elizabeth Athletic Club March and Two Step.
By George Schweinfest. Newark, N.J.: Charles W. Boughton, 1895.

Roseville Athletic Association March. (Two Step.)
Clara L. Mitchell. Newark, N.J.: Chas. W. Boughton, 1895.

McKinley and Hobart. Grand March.
Written by J.W. Turner. Boston: F. Trifet, 1896.

Long Branch Schottisch, (to Geo. P. Doughty, Somerville, N.J.).
Arranged by W.F. Wellman Jr. New York: C.H. Ditson & Co., 1868.

March of the First Battalion N.G.N.J., (dedicated to Major Joseph W. Congdon).
By Florian Oborski. New York: 1883.

Military Park Waltzes for Piano 3rd Edition,(dedicated to the G.A.R).
By Charles A. Frolich. Elizabeth, N.J.: Charles A. Frolich.

Box 2 of 8: Sheet Music about New Jersey: 1900-1929

The Mosquito Parade: A Jersey Review.
Written by Howard Whitney. New York: M. Witmark and Sons, 1900.

Atlantic City on the Strand; Dedicated to the Royal Marine Band of Italy.
Hammondton, N.J.: E.M. and G.V. Scull, 1901.

Take me to Atlantic City Down by the Sea.
By Edward Jolly and Bob Alden. New York: Nathan Bivins, 1905.

Why Don't You Try. Or "The Rolling Chair Song."
Words by Harry Williams, music by Robert Van Alstyne. New York: Jerome H. Remick and Co., 1905.
[2 copies, each with different cover]

Meet Me at Asbury Park.
Words by Rene Bronner. Music by Leslie Chas. Reimer. Asbury Park, N.J.: Reimer Music Publishing Co., 1907.

Rolling in His Little Rolling Chair, (Successfully Introduced by Emma Carus)
Words by Joe Goodwin and Ballard Macdonald, music by Halsey K. Mohr. New York: Shapiro Berstein and Co., 1907.

You Were Made for Me.
Song by William Gould. New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1907.
Picture of Valeska Sarat, "the original Gibson girl," on cover.

Over on the Jersey Side.
Words and music by Jack Norworth. New York: Jerome H. Remick, 1908.

You're My Girl.
By Bobby Heath. New York: Joe Morris Music Co., 1908.

Meet Me on the Boardwalk Dearie, Down by the Sea.
Words and Music by Keller Mack and Frank Orth. Philadelphia, Pa.: Mack and Orth, 1909.
[2 copies]

My Ramapoo (Ram-A-Poo) An Indian Novelette.
By Frederic W. Hager. New York, N.Y.: Jos. Morris Co., 1910.

Hail New Jersey. The State Song.
Music by Edward Schaaf. 1911.
[2 copies]

Hurrah! Votes for Women!!
Dedicated to the suffrage movement of New Jersey. Music by Lillian Hart Durand. 1914.

Sebastian Stop Step; Featured at Young's Million Dollar Pier
Atlantic City, N.J. New York: Joe Morris Music Co., 1914.

To Thee, Miss Paterson.
Lyric and melody by Max M. Gilbert. Paterson, N.J.: Max M. Gilbert, 1914.

On the Boardwalk at Asbury Park.
By Billy Gaston and Billy Bennett. New York, N.Y.: Billy Gaston, 1915.

Take Me Back to Dear Old Newark on Its Anniversary Celebration Day.
By Arthur H. Weberbauer. Newark, N.J.: Ellis Pub. Col., 1916.

Just Like Washnigton Crossed the Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross the Rhine.
Words by Howard Johnson. Music by Geo. W. Meyer. New York, N.Y.: Leo. Feist, Inc., 1918.

We'll March into Trenton with King.
Warren C. King, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of New Jersey. c1919
[3 copies]

When the Moon's Shining Over Camp, Dear.
Bt Pvt. Wm. B. Hinton. Camp Dix, N.J.: Camp Dramatic Director, 1919.

I Love the State of New Jersey.
Words by Edward L. Fables. Music by Henry J. Miller. Morristown, N.J.: New Jersey Music Publishing Company, 1921.

Back in Hackensack New Jersey.
By Art L. Beiner and Dan A. Russo. Chicago, IL: Ted Browne Music Co., 1924.

New Jersey! We're Proud of You.
Written by James V. Loughran, Lawrence J. Kelly and Edward Ward. 1924.

The Bus'ness Men of Asbury Park.
Words and music by Frederick W. Vanderpool. Asbury Park, N.J.: Frederick W. Vanderpool, 1925.
"Asbury Park Business Men's Show, March 16th to 21th [sic], 1925."

New Jersey for Me.
Lyrics by Maude Earl. Music by Richard Kieserling. Elizabeth, N.J.: The Earl Music Publishing Co., 1925.

Sing New Jersey's Praise.
Words and music by Mark Andrews. New York: G. Ricordi, 1929.

Box 3 of 8: Sheet Music about New Jersey: 1930-1959

March of Salutation. Dedicated to the City of New Brunswick.
Composed by Harry A. Sykes. 1930.
[4 copies]

New Jersey Roar.
Written by Larry La Ros. 1931.

March On, March on for Jersey.
Poem by Eugene R. Musgrove. Music by Carl H. Galloway. Metuchen, N.J.: Carl. H. Galloway, 1932.

H-O-F-F-M-A-N. Harold G. Hoffman Campaign Song.
Words and music by Amos Harker. New York: Harry Engel, Inc., 1934.
[2 copies]

Carry on, New Jersey.
Written by Sara Newell. Atlantic City, N.J.: Sara Newell, 1939.

Monmouth County: This is the Song of a People Who Know They Have Cause to Sing.
Words by Cyril A. Smack, Music by Gertrude Smack Seaman. 1939.

Jersey Bounce.
Words by Robert B. Wright, music by Bobby Platter, Tiny Bradshaw, Edward Johnson.
New York: Lewis Music Publishing Company Inc., 1941.

New Jersey: My Garden State.
Words and music by Leroy C. Hinkle. New York: King Music Publishing, 1941.
[2 copies]

On the Boardwalk (in Atlantic City)
Lyrics by Mack Gordon, Music by Josef Myrow. New York: Bregman.Vocco and Conn Inc., 1946.

Jersey City, N.J.
By Ted Lovick. New York: Peer International Corporation, 1947.

New Jersey.
Words and music by George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel, 1947.

Wildwood: On the Boardwalk in Wildwood.
Words and music Eddie Malle., Al. Scottoline, and Harry Keating. Philadelphia, PA: Edward Malle Music Company, 1947.

New Jersey.
Laurance Townsley MacHose. Allentown, P.A.: Schelechter's, 1948.
Compliments of Johnson and Johnson; New Brunswick, N.J.

An Ode to the Hudson.
Words by Mary Ann Eager. Music by Hugo Frey. New York, N.Y.: Huge Frey, 1949.

New Jersey.
Words and music by George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel, Inc., 1950.
[5 copies]

Old New Jersey.
Dedicated to the State of New Jersey. Words and music by Robert H. Morrison. New York: Mark Rubens, 1952.
[2 copies]

Onward! New Jersey.
Written by Samuel F. Monroe. Trenton, N.J.: Samuel Frederic Monroe, 1953.

My New Jersey, U.S.A.
Words and music by Ann Yagle. Newark, N.J.: Ann Yagle, 1955.

On the Good Old Jersey Shore.
Words and music by Jim Peterson. 1959.

My Garden State (Song of New Jersey)
By Edna Mohr. New York: David Ringle, 1959.

Box 4 of 8: Sheet Music about New Jersey: 1960-

Boys' State U.S.A. (Boys' State Band).
By George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel Inc., 1960.

New Jersey: Famous Garden State, State Song.
By George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel Inc., 1960.

Salute to Jersey City.
Words and music by Arthur J. Keegan. New York: Plymouth Music, c1960.

I'm from New Jersey.
Words and music by Red Mascara. New York: Sands Music, c1961.
[2 copies]

New Jersey
Words and Music by James F. Conover 1961.
[2 copies]

Hail! New Jersey State.
Words and Arrangement by Arthur Keegan. New York: Plymouth Music Co., c1963.

Men of New Jersey. A Tribute to the Garden State.
Words and music by George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel, Inc., c1963.
[2 copies]

New Jersey March.
By George E. Banbury. New York: R.K.O Bldg., Radio City, 1963.

New Jersey Tercentenary Song.
Words and music by George E. Banbury. New York: George F. Briegel, Inc. 1963.
[2 copies]

Hail, New Jersey!
Music and modified words by Ethel Hill. Swedesboro, N.J.: Holly Hill Music, 1964.
[2 copies]

Hail! New Jersey State. New Jersey State Tercentenary 1664-1964.
Words by Arthur Keegan.

New Jersey.
Richard Lane. N.J. Tercentenary Commission, c1964.
[2 copies]

New Jersey State Tercentenary March.
Written by Otto H. Helbig. New York: King Music, c1964.

O beautiful New Jersey.
Caldwell, N.J.: Sisters of Saint Dominic, 1964.
[3 copies]

Overture to Tend Them Well. A Memorial Hymn to the Soldiers of the American Revolution.
Lyrics by Virginia H. Pace and music by Ruth Scott Clark. c1964.

Tend Them Well. A Hymn to the Soldiers of the American Revolution.
Lyrics by Virginia H. Pace and music by Ruth Scott Clark. c1964.
[4 copies]

Winners of the New Jersey Tercentenary Song Competition.

New Jersey.
Words and music by Elise and Ernest Gundlehner. Belmar, N.J.: Eldoprize Music, c1965.

New Jersey.
Words and music by Elise and Ernest Grundlehner. Belmar, N.J.: Ernest Grundlehner, c1965.

Salute to Jersey City.
Jersey City, N.J.: Hudson City Savings Bank, c1965.
[2 copies]

Atlantic City in Song.
Atlantic City, N.J.: Atlantic City Public Library, 1989.

Box 5 of 8: Sheet Music about New Jersey: Undated.

Bloomfield, Fair and Free.
Words and music by Molly Eager.
[2 copies]

The Butcher Boy.
New York: H.De Marsan.

The Butcher Boy.
Philadelphia: J.H. Johnson.

Down on Asbury Park Boardwalk.
Words and music by James McKernan.

Dr. P.A. Shannon's Great Plantation Melody, 'Tis a Little Cotton Blossom.
New Brunswick, N.J.: J.A. Morrison and Co.

The Garden State - New Jersey.
Words and music by Alex W. Porter. Ventnor City, N.J.

Garden State Waltz.
By Adrian Deslaurier and Mina Ziegler.

Governor Pennington's Grand March. Composed and Respectfully Dedicated to Miss Henrietta R. Pennington.
By A.T. Pirsson. Newark, N.J.: A.T. Pirsson.

Homeward Bound.
Words and music by Frona H. Force

I Love New Jersey.
By Bill Nauman. Newark, N.J.

In the Heart of New Jersey.
By Michael J. Pluckter Perth Amboy, N.J.

Isabella with the Gingham Umbrella or, the Barber's daughter of Weehawken.
New York: H. DeMarsan.

New Jers-A.
Sung by Harry Hall.

New Jersey Loyalty Song.
Words and music by Dr. Samuel Frederic Monroe. Trenton, N.J.
[2 copies]

Salute to New Jersey.
Words by Molly Eager.

A Song for New Jersey.
New York: King Brans Music.

Where is Major Phipps.
By Edward Atkins. Philadelphia: Auner.

Box 6 of 8: Sheet Music: Princeton University.

Princeton College; Class-Day Songs, Class of '69.
[Princeton, N.J.], 1869.

Princeton Forward March.
by Kenneth S. Clark. New York: John Church Company, 1914.

Princeton Waltzes: Hooray, Hooray, Hooray, Tiger; Sis-Boom-Ah! Princeton.
Composed by M. Estelle Borland. New York: Durisee Brothers, 1894.

The Princeton Two-Step.
By Frank L. Adair. New York: Luckhardt and Belder, 1896.

The Princeton University March and Two-Step.
Chas. A. Zimmerman. Cincinnati, OH: The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., 1896.

Princeton Waltzes.
By Beverly C. Kingdon. Mount Holly, N.J.: BC Kingdon, 1896.

Just for Princeton.
Words by L. Irving Reichner, music by Reese Cassard. Philadelphia, PA: W.H. Boner and Co., 1897.

The Triple Cheer: A Parting Song.
G. Schirmer, 1902.

Once Again for Old Nassau.
Music and verse by C.M. Seymour. Colorado Springs, CO: Western Music Publ Co., 1906.

Guard of Old Nassau; A Princeton Song - March
J.F. Hewitt and Arthur H. Osborn. New York John Church Company, 1907.

Sacred Bird March.
By J. Clarke Logan. Princeton, N.J.: The Class of [18]99, 1909.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon (from the Princeton University Triangle Club Production of "Stags at Bay")
Brooks Bowman. New York Santly Bros. Inc., 1935.

Box 7 of 8: Sheet Music: Published in New Jersey or written by a resident (1830-1929).

Hymn Sung at the Dedication of the Presbyterian Church in Bridgeton.
[Bridgeton, N.J.], 1836.

Our Clay and Frelinghuysen a Favorite Patriotic Whig, Song and Trio, Written and Adapted for the Parlor and Public Meetings, Beautifully Arranged with Symphonies and Accompaniments, by an Eminent Professor.
[New Jersey], 1844.

Nancy's Fancy, A Polka.
By Gustave Blessner. Philadelphia: Edward L. Walker, 1849.

Concert Quick Step; To Mrs. Krollman.
Composed by Henry Feigl. Newark, N.J.: S.P. Hinds, 1852.

O Sally Brown.
By William S. Crevlin. Harmony (Warren Co.), N.J.: 1852.

Fourth of July. (For S. S. Celebrations.)
Written for the Fourth of July Festival of St. Stephen's Sunday School, Millburn, New Jersey.
Music by R. S. Soemmer, Org. of the Church. Words by a Friend of the School. New York: William Hall and Son, 1865.
New York: Warren, Music Stereotyper, 1864.

Attends-Moi (Wait for Me), Galop; to Mary P. Beach (Newark, N.J.).
By Charles Fradel. New York: William Hall and Son, 1865.

Love vs. Flirtation. Romance by Edward Hoffman.
New York: Wm. A. Pond, 1866.

Thirteenth Anniversary of the Jersey City Sabbath School Association. Monday, May 11, 1868, 2 1-2 P.M. Order of Exercises.
New York: Smith and Son, 1868.

Hymns and Songs for Use at the New Jersey Sabbath School Normal Institute at Plainfield, N.J.
New York: G.V. Topp, 1872

Golden Stars are Waiting, Love! Seranade.
Words by George Cooper, music by Charles E. Pratt. Jersey City, N.J.: W.H. Ewald and Bro., 1874

Anniversary Hymns for the Sabbath schools of Passaic Valley, New Jersey to Be Held in the Baptist Church, Millington.
New York: Biglow and Main, 1875.

Keep one little kiss for me.
Words by George Cooper. Music by Charles E. Pratt. Jersey City, N.J.: W.H. Ewald and Bro., 1875.

You and I with Liberal Variations (to Miss Mary B. Crabtree, Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N.J.)
By Chas. Grobe. New York: C.H. Ditson and Co., 1875.

Little Old Cabin in the Lane, For Piano; To Miss Hattie De Puy C.C. Institute, Hacketstown N. Jersey.
By Charles Grobe. New York: C.H. Ditson and Co., 1878.

Pieces Arranged for Singing Classes by Rev. C.F. Worrell, D.D.
N.p.: 1879.
Worrell was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan from 1870-1880.

'Tis but a Little Faded Flower Ballad.
Words by Frederick Enoch. Music by J.R. Thomas. New York: Firth, Pond and Co., 1880.

Rough on Rats.
Words by W.A. Boston. Music by Jules Juniper. Jersey City, N.J.: E.S. Wells, 1882

The Star Rider. Song and Chorus.
Words and music by John Ford. Smithville, N.J.: H.B. Smith Machine Co., 1883.

Dewey Did March Two Step.
By. J.S. Ruhlman. Trenton, N.J.: Ruhlman Music Pub. Co. 1893.

Our Tribute Song. National Song of the Daughters of the Revolution.
Words by Belle Ward. Music by Edwin Russell Marvin. Manchester, N.J.: Adeline W. Torrey, 1894.

Come Home to Mama Descriptive Waltz Song.
John S. Ruhlman. Trenton, N.J.: MF Ruhlman, 1895.

Students Pride, Two Step March; Dedicated to our School Children.
By J.S. Ruhlman, band and orchestra parts arr. by Harry M. Myer.
Trenton, N.J.: M.F. Ruhlman, 1899.

Songs Used at the Parent's and Teacher's Conference, Montclair, N.J.
Montclair, N.J.: [P.T.A.] 1902.

Magnificat and Nune e Dimmittis.
Written by George W. Wilmot. New Brunswick, N.J.: George W. Wilmot, 1904.

On the 5.15.
Lyric by Stanley Murphy; Music by Henry I. Marshall. New York,N.Y.: George Remick and Co. 1904.

As sung by Lester Charles Reimer. Koehler, Louis L. Asbury Park, N.J.: Reimer Music Publishing Co., 1906.

Gifts of Shee.
Poem by Joyce Kilmer. Music by Annie Kilburn-Kilmer. 1912.

Lullaby for a Baby Fairy.
Poem by Joyce Kilmer. Music by Annie Kilburn-Kilmer. 1912.

Song of Terre D'Amour.
Poem by Joyce Kilmer. Music by Annie Kilburn-Kilmer. 1912.

Won't You Let Me Take You Home?
Words by Eddie Doerr, music by Lou Lashley. New York: Royal Music Publishing Co., 1912.

On the Old Front Porch.
words by Bobby Heath, music by Arthur Lange. New York: Joe Morris Music Co., 1913.

Words of the Cantata.
Haddonfield, N.J. : G.F.P., 1913.

Hear the Call; Dedicated to the Nutley Battalion New Jersey State Militia Reserve.
Words and music by Clarence B. Iliffe.
Nutley, N.J.: Clarence B. Iliffe, 1918.

Trees Song.
Poem by Joyce Kilmer. Music by Oscar Rasbach. New York: G. Schirmer Inc., 1922

Three Years Old; Dedicated to the Bamberger Basement Baby.
Music by Albert Von Tilzer, Words by Leo Robin. New York: A.V.T. Music Co., 1925.

Bergen County Song.
Words and music by Henry I. Marshall. New York: H.I.M. Publishing Co., c1929.

Box 8 of 8: Sheet Music: Published in New Jersey or written by a resident (1930 -   , and undated)

We will Honor the Mem'ry of George Washington. A bicentennial song.
Words and music by Julius A. Hansen. New Brunswick, N.J.: Hansen Music, 1932.

Century of Progress March.
By Frank W. Geiger. Whitehouse Station, N.J.: Frank W. Geiger, 1933.

Radio City March.
By Franck W. Geiger. Whitehouse Station, N.J.: Frank W. Geiger, 1933.

Love in Bloom.
Words and music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger. New York: Famous Music Co., 1934.

If I Should Love You.
Words and music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger. New York: Famous Muskc Co., 1935.

Blue Hawaii.
Words and music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger. New York: Famous Music Co., 1936.

Our Heritage.
By John Robert Harris and Alice V. Gordon-Smith. 1943

A Hymn to the Night.
Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Music by Richard Lane. New York: Mills Music, 1962.

The George Washington Ball.
Lyrics by Elise Grundlehner. Music by Ernest Grundlehner. Belmar, N.J.: Eldoprize Music, 1965.

Undated Sheet Music

Bridgeton's Busy Women.
Bridgeton: Bridgeton Daily Pioneer.

Comrades. Martial song.
Written and composed by Felix McGlennon. Atlantic City, N.J.: S. Turney.

God Bless the Prince of Wales.
By William Smallwood. Trenton, N.J.: William Harper.

La Elvira Schottisch.
By D. Jose Ma. Martinez. Camden, N.J.: M.H. Traubel.

The Musical Gift: Agnes Wallace. The Merry Maiden and the Tar.
Newark Edition. New York: F.A. Cotharin.

New Jersey Y.T.C. Songbook.

Newark Community Song Sheet.
Newark, N.J.: Newark Evening News.

Riverside Nocturno: A Musical Recreaton for the Pianoforte.
Composed and respectfully dedicated to Mrs. G.W. Doane by Ed: Rich: Hansen (Organist and Musical Director,St. Mary's Church, Burlington...). Philadelphia, PA: A. Fiot.

Song Sheet. Women's Christan Temperence Union, State of New Jersey.

Songs you like to sing compliments of Wene Chick Farms: Vineland, N.J.

Starry Night for a Ramble.
Song and chorus by Samuel Bacnal. New Brunswick, N.J.: Jas. Garland.

Ta! Ra! Ra! Boom de Ay!
Compliments of "The Stieff Piano."

Taylor Opera House Polka de Salon. (To John Taylor, Esq. of Trenton, NJ).
By Lous Wallis. Philadelphia: Julius E. Mirsalis.

United We Stand.
Lyrics by Joe S. Girard. Music by Robert Moffa.

War Camp Community Service Song Sheet.
Issued by Department of Community Singing, Bergen County, N.J.

Ye Olde Tyme Songs for the "Community Sing:" Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
Direction of Mr. Jay Wellington. Point Pleasant: N.J.

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