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Where are photocopiers and laser printers located?

Laser printers are located adjacent to public computer workstations on both the Mezzanine (Main) Level and the CR (upper) Level of the Smith Library. Photocopy machines are located on the CR Level and the BR (lower) Level of the Library.

How much does it cost to make copies or laser prints?

Photocopy machines accept coins and paper money as payment for copies. When using this method of payment, the cost is $.10 per page. Users can purchase a copy card which can be used for both laser printing and photocopies. A copy card will allow discounted purchase of photocopies; using the card, photocopies will cost $.08 per page. Laser printing costs $.10 per page. You will need a copy card in order to make laser prints – laser printers do not accept cash or coins.

Where do I purchase a copy card?

Copy cards may be purchased at the Circulation Desk, located near the Smith Library’s entrance. Cards are available for $5.00 and are programmed to make 62 copies.

It is also possible to purchase cards in larger denominations. The purchase price of those cards can be charged to a department’s Banner Index.

I'm running low on copies - how do I recharge my copy card?

Don't throw it away! Users can bring their copy cards to the Circulation Desk and have specified dollar amounts added to the card, e.g. add $6.00 to my card. Additionally, cards may be revalued at photocopy machines, by inserting the card and cash or coins into the copier. Directions are posted at each copy machine.

I want to make multiple copies of some class notes.  Do you have a machine that collates?

Yes. There is a photocopy machine on the CR (upper) Level that will quickly make multiple, collated copies.

The copy machine charged me for a copy, but didn't make one for me.  Where do I go for assistance?

For assistance with photocopy equipment or laser printers, see staff at the Circulation Desk. They can help clear paper jams, change toner, or refund money for lost copies.  Additionally, if problems with equipment are noted, Circulation Desk staff will place service calls.