ETD Submission with ETD Administrator

Many graduate schools at Rutgers either require or allow students to submit their dissertations, theses, projects or capstones electronically to the Rutgers repository and to the ProQuest database. The tool that is used for that submission is ProQuest's ETD Administrator.

There is a unique site assigned to each graduate school for students to use to enter metadata about their ETDs, as well as the associated file(s). If you are submitting your ETD, you should check with your graduate school for specific requirements. Those will usually include a step to submit to ETD Administrator at one of the sites listed below.

Notes to Camden, Newark, School of Nursing and Public Health students:

  • Be sure you select the correct school. If unsure, check with your graduate school.
  • There are two schools in Camden: Graduate School - Camden and Camden School of Nursing.
  • There are two schools in Newark: Graduate School - Newark and RBHS (Health Sciences) School of Nursing.
  • Ph.D. degrees in Public Health submit to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) degrees submit to the School of Public Health.

The following are the ETD Administrator sites for each graduate school:

Full text ETDs submitted in ETD Administrator are available in the Rutgers repository and ProQuest database and are indexed in Google Scholar. However, access to an ETD will sometimes be delayed, or embargoed, at the request of the author. The most common reasons are because there is an intention to publish based on the ETD or because it supports a patent application. In these cases, a record with descriptive information and a full abstract will be included in the Rutgers repository and ProQuest database. The full text will only be available after the embargo expires. Embargoes can be extended upon request to and approval by your graduate school.

ETD Administrator Help


Contact your graduate school for requirements specific to your degree.

Questions? email us:


  • When will I receive the bound copies I ordered? ProQuest estimates that bound copies will be sent 6-8 weeks after the ETD is delivered to them by the graduate school. Email ProQuest at with questions related to bound copies, including changing your address.
  • When will my graduate school deliver my ETD to ProQuest? Graduate schools normally review, accept and deliver ETDs close to the student's graduation date. If you have questions or need more help with this, contact your graduate school.
  • How can I contact ProQuest about my ETD or the submission process? Contact the ProQuest Author/School Relations group at: or 1-800-521-0600. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST/EDT.

Tips for Formatting Your PDF

How do I format page numbers for different sections? To create different formats of page numbers, you will need to divide your document into "sections", then change the page number formats in the headers and/or footers for each section. These instructions show how to format page numbers for the preliminary pages and the main text sections, but they can be adapted to other sections as well. (Note that specific steps will vary for different versions of MS Word.)

  1. Insert a section break between the preliminary pages and the main text, as follows -- Click in your document at the end of the text on the last preliminary page. Go to the Page Layout tab, click on the arrow after Breaks in the Page Setup menu section. Select Section Breaks - Next Page.
  2. Break the links between the sections, as follows -- Click on the first page of the main text section (You'll probably already be there if you've just inserted the section break). Go to the Insert tab, click on the arrow after Header in the Header & Footer menu section. Select Edit Header. Your cursor will be in the Header Section. You'll see "Same as Previous" on the right side of the page and "Link to Previous" will be highlighted in the Navigation menu section. Click on "Link to Previous". Move your mouse away -- the link should now not be highlighted and "Same as Previous" should be gone from the page header. Now go to the bottom of the page (first page in the main text) and click in the Footer. Again, click on "Link to Previous" in the Navigation menu section.
  3. Change the placement and format of the page numbers, as follows -- In each section, click on the first page in that section. Add a page number, in the correct format and position, to either the header or footer on that page and, if necessary remove the page number where it does not belong.

How do I format landscape pages to match portrait layout? Pages in landscape orientation in your text need to be adjusted so they will appear correctly as if you were looking at a bound book. To format those pages, the margins and orientation of the page numbers need to be adjusted.

  1. The top margin should be the same as the left margin on portrait pages. The right margin should be the same as the top margin on portrait pages. The bottom margin should be the same as the right margin on portrait pages. The left margin should be the same as the bottom margin on portrait pages.
  2. You can follow these instructions for formatting the orientation of page numbers to match portrait layout.