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New Jersey Obstetrical & Gynecological Travel Club - Records, 1931-1989

New Jersey Obstetrical & Gynecological Travel Club
Records, 1931-1989

May 1991; Revised July 2004
91-84, 91-140

Organizational History

Walter B. Mount, MD (1880-1948) of Montclair, and Samuel A. Cosgrove (1883-1960), MD of Jersey City founded the New Jersey Obstetrical and Gynecological Travel Club in 1931. The purpose of the Club was "to obtain the benefit of visiting, from time to time, various obstetrical clinics and teaching centers by special rearrangements. It [was] felt that a small, congenial group can make more intimate contact with the teachers and clinicians visited and that such contact will prove more valuable than it would were the same individuals to visit the same persons and places as parts of larger and more formal organizations ..."

In addition to Drs. Mount and Cosgrove, other obstetricians who were Charter Members included Arthur W. Bingham (b.1895) of East Orange, Carl H. Ill (1892-1943) of Newark, Rys Jones of Montclair, Raymond T. Potter (1891-1968) of East Orange, and William K. Pudney of Montclair. Trip lengths varied from one to three days. The initial trip was made on November 11, 1931, to the Philadelphia Lying-in Hospital, the obstetrical unit of the Pennsylvania Hospital. By 1957, the Club had made seventeen annual trips and visited twenty different cities. During these trips, members were cordially received by their colleagues and viewed many advances in their specialty.

One reason for the Club's early success was the lack of post-graduate continuing medical education programs held during this period. As more continuing medical education opportunities were established, it became more difficult for Club members to obtain private invitations to healthcare facilities. The deaths of several founding members also contributed to the decline of the Club's activities.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the New Jersey Obstetrical and Gynecological Travel Club date from 1931 when the Club was established, until 1989 when the Club tried to reorganize. The records comprise an early history, detailed reports of Club trips which describe obstetrical and gynecological techniques observed by members on their visits to hospitals and clinics around the United States, correspondence, membership lists, and programs. The records are arranged chronologically within broad subject categories.

Size of Collection: .50 l.f.

Provenance: Gift of Felix Vann, MD, February 5, 1991.

Container List

Box Number Folder Number Contents
11History & Reports, 1931-64.

2Reports, 1959-63.

3Reports, 1966-69.

4Reports, 1971-74.

5Correspondence, 1947-59.

6Correspondence, 1960-69.

7Correspondence, 1970-73.

8Correspondence, 1974-75.

9Correspondence, 1977-81.

10Members & Guests, 1957-76.

11Programs, 1956-71.

12Reorganization, 1982-89.

Processed by
Lois R. Densky-Wolff

For reference service and information contact:
Robert Vietrogoski
Special Collections
(973) 972-7830
FAX (973) 972-7474