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Mergent Horizon provides a 360 degree view of a company's competitors, suppliers, partners, and corporate customers, using a detailed hierarchical classification system for actual products and services. Records may be retrieved by company name, product or service category, or tradename. There are separate search options for drugs and medical devices in the pipeline or on the market, including product name, type or stage of development, side effects, and indications. Data can be analyzed for an individual company or aggregated for an industry sector. Mergent Horizon covers over 6,000 actively traded public companies in the United States.


A quick user guide is available [PDF].

Dates covered

Current year for product information, with up to ten years of financial data.

Updating frequency



Corporate and financial information from individual companies, as well as proprietary analyses of products and services provided.

Type of coverage

Full-text reports on companies and their products or services, accompanied by financial data (downloadable as comma-delimited files).

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Mergent, Inc.

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Mergent, Inc.